What's a Really Stretchy Castoff?

For 2x2 ribbing?

I’m finishing the Cozy V-Neck for the eleventybillionth time, and I need a really stretchy castoff (it’s top-down). In the comments on my blog, someone recommended the Russian bind off. Is that a good one?

I know how to do the Tubular Cast off (even though it’s a PITA, :rofl: ) but it only works for seed stitch or 1x1 ribbing AFAIK.

Any other ideas or seconding the Russian bindoffidea? That video is worth watching just to hear the lady’s Russian accent. It is SO AWESOME! :slight_smile:

This one is really stretchy!

Thanks Jan! I think I’m going to use that one instead of the Russian one. I’ve never seen Cat Bordhi in person but I’ve watched some of her videos before (the short row ones are helpful and I watched them a few times when I was making Forestry).

She sure is an odd duck! I clicked on another video of hers after the bind off one, where she’s showing how to walk and knit at the same time (and hang upside down, and climb a tree). She was wearing 2 different shoes and she said that Lucy Neatby has the mates. Figures! :rofl:

:lol: She is definitely and odd duck! I really don’t like to listen to her videos because I hate the way she baby talks. :ick: Just get to the lesson and call things by their proper name for petes sake!!

thank you for this HELPFUL information! My bind offs are so tight, that I have never successfully been able to bind of a ribbed collar, for example. I can tell already, just seeing this will make me a better knitter! WooHOO!!! :woohoo:

I love the surprisingly stretchy bind off!

Someone posted it a few weeks(?) ago and I’ve been using it on all my arm warmers,fingerless mittens and socks ever since :slight_smile:

I did a sock pattern that called for this cast off once…it was kinda neat…