Whats a good price for Ashford Traditional?

I am bidding on this on Ebay. The price seems to be getting a bit higher than I want. I live in Canada and from what I can tell with shipping I wouldn’t get away with anything below $500.00 brand new. What would you pay for an Ashford?

How old is it? Is it in working condition? Is it a double or single treadle?

I paid $110 for a 1970’s era single treadle Ashford Traditional a few years ago in a silent auction at a fiber fest.

The big wheel wobbles a bit, but it works well for my students

They don’t know much about it’s history It was [FONT=Arial, Verdana][SIZE=2]donated to a non-profit thrift shop where all the proceeds go toward worldwide relief. It is finished, it is a single drive single treadle. To me it looks fairly new, it comes with 4 bobbins a set of carders and the lazy kate. It is also in working condition. The auction is past $300.00 and i don’t know if I want to bid again?[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana][/FONT]

Well I didn’t get it :sad: It went for $410.00. With shipping it wouldn’t have been any better than buying new.

Sorry, you didn’t get it. I just went and priced new

Single treadle & drive, finished Traddie: $465
bobbins (each) $8-$9
lazy kate $17-$32
carders $60-$70

Where did you look for the new price on the wheel? Usually with a new one the bobbins and the lazy kate come with it. The cheapest I have seen new is $478.82 and thats without GST ( I live in Alberta, Canada) My husband told me to just buy it, but I feel bad spending that much money. I was also considering some cheaper wheels which I am sure are just great, but I really like the look of the traditional wheel. I guess I have to decide on how important the look of the wheel is.

Oops, I stand corrected, the $465 for a new, lacquered, single treade/drive Traddy included the 4 bobbins and lazy kate.

Where? From Susan McFarland in Columbus, WI, USA.

She is a wonderful fiber artist herself and understands the needs of ‘our kind’ :thumbsup:

Buy a used one!!
There are tons of secondhand Traditionals out there, most of them barely even used, and I frequently see them for under $250. I paid $200 for mine, including International shipping, from an Ebay seller in March of 2006.
The best part about buying a gently-used one is that if you don’t like it, or want to upgrade or whatever, you can sell it and basically get the same price you paid for it.
Just be sure to get good pictures (if they mention any flaws, insist on seeing photos of the problem!), check feedback and generally follow Ebay precautions.

I agree Dana.

Ashford always seems to keep it’s value. Good pictures & asking the right questions are a must!

dana_renay did you watch ebay for a long time before you bid on yours? It just seems like now that I’ve decided to buy one I can’t fine one, and I’m sure if I buy new then I will see lots on ebay for a better price. I have a hard time being patient.


check here too






mullerslanefarm you are amazing!! :muah::cheering::happydance:I’m off to look at links.

The power of dogpile (and favorites list)

There seems to be a few wheels on ebay:

Now don’t go bidding on that little tape dispenser! LOL!

There’s a great look Louet S-10 with a buy it now of $149.99 and will ship to Canada … GO Go GO!!

I may have found an Ashford traditional for $250 plus shipping. Do you think this is a good price? I’m hoping the shipping isn’t to much. The wheel is stained but not finished and is about 20 years old. It looks really nice and they have told me it is in good condition. I found it thanks to mullerslanefarm’s list of links.

Yes, a good price. Do you have pictures of it?? Have you asked the seller if the large wheel wobbles? Has it been spun on recently? Is the current owner a spinner??

Scroll down to the bottem


I wouldn’t hesitate buying this wheel and $250 is a fair price for it.

You can still get bobbins that fit.

All right!!!

I watched for a week or two, but I was dying for a wheel so I just took the plunge. It worked out well for me. I have noticed that the used wheel offerings on ebay tend to wax and wane. There’ll be nothing for weeks, and then there’ll be 4 or 5 good used wheels listed, so if nothing good has been posted for a while, hold on!
Another good place to look for used wheels is KBB Spin. It’s more like craigslist than ebay, but with fiber supplies only.