What'cha's knitting for christmas?

:shrug: hey, I’m just curious but what is everyone knitting for christmas??? and for whom??? :??

I’ve been thinking about this lately too, especially since the weather has cooled down and the days became shorter.

My current project OTN is the clapotis. I’m really loving how it is turning out and am pleased at how simple it is. I’ve been thinking I might try to make a couple more for some friends of mine. But I’ve been debating on whether or not they’d be willing to handwash something this large if I use a natural fibre.

Socks, hats and scarves are on my list of possible xmas gifts too. It just depends on how fast I can knit things up. At least I’m starting early this year, as opposed to last year when I was knitting til midnight on Dec 23, lol.

My siblings & our spouses trade names so I only have one name - one of my adult sisters (DH has one of them, I have one - we may trade since he had the same name last year).

Either way, she’s getting a couple knitted shopping bags (the everlasting bagstopper and BYOB). Also a couple knit/felted boxes from Mason Dixon Knitting. Maybe a bowl shape, too. I was thinking of a lace weight shawl of some sort, but that will work for the 1 sister but not so much for the other. I think I will still go ahead and make one but it might have to be for me (being my first lace weight project, I expect it will have too many mistakes that I’ll have to keep it for myself anyway!)

I’m not a very quick knitter… I’m debating on whether I should crochet something or not… but then I have a hard time reading crochet patterns so that might make crocheting just as quick as my knitting… :?? decisions, decisions!
I have a hat pattern or two that look really nice to me (I have never dared try to make one before) and I [U]know[/U] I cannot resist at least one pair of slippers!!! Problem is, I have a hard time resisting giving my gifts early… people go ga-ga over them and I give em away… :think:

:cheering: My aunt got me a bag that is Alot like those knitted shopping bags like 23 years ago!!! I just have to tell you they are soooo nice!! you can use them for so much and fit sooo much in them. I use mine very tenderly but they are pretty durable too if you use the right type of yarn for it.

I am only knitting for one person this Christmas: my mom. I’m knitting her the Alpaca Prayer Shawl. She loves to cuddle in throws while watching TV - so I thought a nice cuddly shawl would be great. No one else in my life truly appreciates hand made items. The last couple of Christmases I knit everything from a stack of colorful dishcloths for each season, scarves, afghans… I’ve also decoupaged frames and made paper scrapbooks and calendars. I have given handmade santas and snowmen. No one seems to appreciate the time and work that you put into it… or at least in my family. Infact, the people in my family basically make fun of me because I am the odd person out (no one in the family crafts - it’s not considered feminist enough for them). So I have given up spending my entire holiday season handcrafting for those who could care less. Now I just make items for those who will truly appreciate and treasure them. <Ending rant now> Sorry.

I’m going with felt-them-yourself Fiber Trend Clogs.

Everyone gets a pair and felting instructions, and customizes them to fit.

Might be a big mistake, but better than making 11 pairs in the wrong sizes.

Cute idea - it also kinda gets everyone involved and makes them feel as though they had a ‘hand’ in crafting their own clogs. :slight_smile:

Christmas knittings. Let’s see…

Mom - I’m needlepointing a purse for her, using a detailed roses-and-leaves pattern.

Dad - He’ll get the woolen Monkey Socks I’m entering into the County Fair next week.

Hubby - a pair of over-the-knee wool knee socks, to wear with his shorts :?? this winter.

Brother - a crocheted doily.

MIL - a Fair-Isle bag.

Others - 1-2 tatted snowflakes to hang on their trees or in their windows.


What is finished:

5 washcloths and back scrubber sets

2 Dust bunny toys

the above items are for ex-husband's (Wasband) extended family

1 cardigan sweater for DD

On the needles:

afghan for Wasband

Palindrome hat for DIL

another cardigan for DD (birthday 12/29)

shell for under the cardigan for DD

I am sure there will be other items in the works between now and then.

I’m doing washcloths for my mom, MIL and SIL - 2 each (1 in seed stitch and 1 that is a flower pattern) with some nice soaps. Also doing 5 pairs of regular socks and 2 pairs of pedicure socks. I’ve already started so I’m way ahead of myself this year.

Knitpurlgurl, I feel for you that no one in your family appreciates handmade gifts. When I started knitting I felt weird giving socks or dishcloths (anything I made really). I made my MIL a shawl that took me ages to do. She said she loved it, but I know she never wears it. That’s okay, I gave it to her to do whatever she liked with it. And she definitely appreciated the effort so that helped. But, now, the socks I make go over big time and I don’t feel so silly. I never pictured myself as the relative to make slippers for everyone at Christmas, but here I am…:wink:

Only knitting for one person this year, we’ve been friends since we were 14, and she wants a pair of socks.

The rest of the family I’m sewing for, and there will be gift cards for places they like to shop.

In my family, if you don’t have some money to go book shopping with after the holidays it’s a sad thing. We spend most of our ‘Christmas money’ on a favorite charity,makes us feel like we’re helping others instead of just ourselves.

it’s not considered feminist enough for them

How sad, brings to mind the saying ‘someone who knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing.’

Let’s see

Mom & MIL- A Little Slip of a Thing From knitty.com

SIL - Dishcloths of the crochet variety

the Kiddo - a bolero if I cna find the pattern that my house ate AFTER I started the darn thing. ( ISO of Knitting November 2007 for a replacement pattern)

And I’m sure there will be other knitted gifts but I don’t know what yet.

Since I am not going to see the family this christmas. And I been thanking of make some toys for the grandkids. My granddaughter is 2 years old and my grandson will be almost 5 months by christmsa. So, I still think about him what to make.

Ya… I think being a Feminist means that you have the right and option to choose whichever lifestyle you’d like to lead: whether it be domestic or not or both! :aww:

Geez, I haven’t even started thinking about it yet. I guess it’s getting about time that I should.

Let’s see…
Hubby: Fair Isle Stocking
Son: socks (I am amazed at how many pairs of thick socks a 18 mo old goes through!)
Daughter (due end of Nov!) :UGG booties, socks
Grandpa: Fair Isle (maybe) mittens – still haven’t found a pattern
Grandma: Extreemly wide shawl

UGG bootie, Stocking, Mittens

Lacy Jumper, lots of socks

Maybe I will get to my sweater before the baby comes!!!

Gosh you guys are so busy! I haven’t even thought about Christmas.
I made four pairs of Fiber Trends clogs for my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew. They were a hit!!!

Gosh, you guys are really rockin’! :happydance:

Christmas here is pretty tame since we have a large family party on Thanksgiving (20-22 folks) and just casually get together around Christmas. With so many in the family, we all just give to the kids as a rule.

But I like to have something special for the gals at Thanksgiving. Last year everybody got knitted scarves. This year I found a great pattern for spiral socks and they look wonderful. So I’ll be making up about 8 pairs for the ladies and one for the tiny feet of my 7 year old grand-daughter. The guys are just happy with tons of turkey, ham, shrimp and football! :teehee:

And they’ve pretty much gotten their gift earlier in the year. I made each of my 3 stepsons their own afghan and will be delivering the last one in a few days.

My godmother is having a new kitchen put in (she’s waited 33 years and is WAY overdue for it!) so I’ll be making her a bunch of dishcloths in her new kitchen colors!

Last year I made up a bunch of garter stitch neck scarves, not just for family and friends, but for the elderly in the community and distributed them through the local beauty shop. They knew who could really make use of them. I did them in Homespun, on #19 needles, casting on 12 stitches and working with two threads, one from the center pull and one from the outside. I just knit until the skein ran out and they were the perfect size. I wrapped them in clear cellophane wrap (so the recipients could choose a color they liked) and found some pretty wired ribbon to make nice bows. I’ve already started for this year and have three done so far.

This is a great thread, I love seeing what everyone’s doing!

Happy knitting!

Ruthie :waving:

OMG! I think I’m going to have a panic attack. 103 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS!!! You know, this holiday comes the same time every year, but somehow it always starts sneaking up about this time!! Well, I do have a few gifts already done, but there’s still a lot on my list:

Mom: Knitted ornament cover
Grandma: Knitted ornament cover
SIL: Knitted ornament cover
MIL: Knitted ornament cover
Are you starting to see a trend?
Other SIL: Knitted ornament cover
Niece 1: Scarf & Banana Republic Hat (scarf is done)
Niece 2: Scarf & Calorimetry (Calorimetry is done, scarf halfway done)
Work: 9 knitted ornament covers

Although this isn’t for Christmas, I am trying to get 5 washcloths done before a friend has her baby in October, so it is slowing me down a bit.

So, between a full time job, taking a college course and a toddler running around my house, I see alot of late nights in my future!!!