Whatcha" Knitting? March, 2020

March, 2020. Are you ready? Let us know your knitting or crochet plans. It’s always fun to see what others are working on. Inspiration for us all.


I decided to use some RHSS Monet yarn that someone left me and I can finally work with without crying to make a cardigan. I’ve not decided yet if it will be a vest or have sleeves. Top down, seamless. I did short row high bust shaping for neckline to be shorter than armhole and below armhole bust shaping and tried it on. Now it’s mindless stockinette with increases on the sides for A line shape. This yarn and a pattern stitch wouldn’t be a good combination. They’d fight and there would be no clear winner. I’m not using a pattern. This is some of the knottiest yarn I’ve ever seen from Red Heart so there are lots of ends.
Monet cardi


I can’t knit at all. I took a bad fall and broke both bones in my right arm, near the wrist. The earliest the cast will come off is March 27. I also fractured my knee so I’m in a straight leg immolizer as well. I am allowed to walk but it’s hard and I hurts. I’M BORED!!!

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That’s awful! You’ll have lots of knitting juju saved up. Just don’t overdo it when you get those needles clicking again. I’ve had a couple of bad falls but so far no lasting damage or broken bones. I’m sorry you got the short end of the stick. Heal well!

I am knitting circular Citrus style pan/pot protectors. As soon as I figure out how to attach a pic I will do so.


Yea, I uploaded a photo…it worked!!!

Ouch! I hear your pain; get those bones healed PDQ, eh? Wondering, too if you could watch crafting videos in your downtime?

I live in a very rural area with crappy internet. I don’t even watch YouTube as a 2 minute video takes 30-45 minutes. I no longer have a working laptop, thanks Windows 10 updates, and have to do everything on my phone. I have it on a little stand and use a stylus in my left hand to type.

@Dee123 what a beautifully knit pot holder! Lovely work and a fun pattern.

@Stitchyliz Sorry for your troubles. That all adds up to pain indeed. I hope you find something to substitute of the knitting downtime (difficult, I know) and I hope the time goes by quickly for you. Can you make some knitting plans in the meantime?

How pretty! I really like the colors.

@salmonmac Are you making the fingerless gloves you posted the link to? I forgot to ask before. I like them and would love to see what you’re working on.

The fingerless gloves were just a giggle. I especially liked the jar of Guinness.
I’ve been knitting a cardigan for my husband. If I can convince him to model it, I’ll post a photo soon.

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I have been doing test knitting for almost 2 years and had 4 going when this happened, one I had just joined a few hours before. If the cast comes off when it’s supposed to I should be able to get 3 of them done before their deadlines. I’m guessing I should allow 3 times the amount of time to knit over what it normally would.


I am knitting a long scarf in mini herringbone. The wool is from Miss Bab’s hand-dyed wools. Thank you to everyone on this list for helping me trouble shoot tinking this stitch. Those life lines have been the pure quill.


So beautifully worked! I love the herringbone and this mini-herringbone. I know first hand how difficult it is to work (and even more difficult to tink). Well done!

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I designed/made this little shirt recently. The worsted weight is a little heavy, but it’s still really cute and it was a breeze to knit at that gauge. I used leftover bits of dishie-type cotton and coconut shell buttons. I learned about raglan yokes, and doing the purl stitch motifs was fun.


Fabulous! Well done indeed. It’s so cute.


A sweater!


That is really cute- the little girl sweater.

@knitster, that’s a darling top and the stitch pattern you used works perfectly!