Whatcha knitting for Mother's Day?

I’m wondering what projects everyone has going for mother’s day!

I desperately need to update my siggy, because what I’m working on right now for my mom is this cute Cable Knit Purse. VERY quick knit, but the finishing (lining, handles, etc.) will be an adventure!

I’m using Lamb’s Pride Bulky superwash in the color “Peacock”, which is really pretty (a bit dark to show the pattern well, but oh well). But, I’m learning it was a bit of a mistake to get the superwash, because the gauge is 3.5 stitches per inch, whereas regular LP Bulky is 3 stitches per inch. Live and learn!

For my MIL, I think I’m going to make the Three Crosses Dishcloth.

SO, what is everyone else making?

I really need to finish the fuzzy clutch purses I was intending to give my mom and her “2nd mom” for Christmas. All I need to do is seem them up for Gawd’s sake! She’s coming to visit from Phoenix the week after Mother’s Day, so I think I can get them done :doh:

The purse looks lovely! Make sure you show us your FO :slight_smile:

When is Mother’s Day in the US? It must be a little earlier in the UK as it was about two weeks ago here - I made the Namaste yoga mat bag from Knitty http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter05/PATTnamaste.html for my mum in a lovely dark pink colour. She says she’s the envy of her yogi friends now :wink: Don’t have a piccie to show you sorry but I’d recommend it as a project, great for learning to do cable stitch (which I did making this!) and quite fast to make.

Yeah, Mother’s day in the US in the 2nd sunday in May, while “Mothering Sunday” (always giggled when they use that term) is in March.

When i lived in England i used to buy two Mother’s day cards for my mom - one to send when the cards were out in March (in case i forgot in May when there are no reminders) and one in May for the US day. I figured she was worth at least two cards.

This year i’m making her these felted slipper socks since she always has cold feet. She’s a sock wearer more than a clog wearer. I’m making them in KP’s Memories, Morning Glory to match her PJ’s.

I think she’ll love them.


One thing about moms…they are happy with whatever you make them! :slight_smile:

Ugh! Don’t ask me that! I haven’t even thought about it yet!

I’m loving what ya’ll are knitting (and have knit :smiley: ) for Mother’s Day! My mom passed away several years ago, but Lonnie’s mom is still with us, thank God :smiley: She has been admiring socks that I’ve been knitting, so, that makes it easy…I will make some socks for her, too :wink:

socks–i’ve never done them before but I figure now’s as good a time as any…I ordered the wool from KP yesterday…as soon as it gets here I plan to get started. :slight_smile:

Okay, shameless plug for my KAL that I started because I am AFRAID to do this alone. But here is what I am making for my mom:


my mom is a member of KH so I can’t say :slight_smile:

Hildie, who’s your mom?

I want to knit my mom a cross (she’s a minister and collects them) but I’m not sure how I want to do it yet. I’ve thought I-cord? I don’t know. If anyone knows of an existing pattern, that’d be great.

Otherwise I’m just buying her chocolate (which she’d get with or without the knitted cross).

Cross Chart

Three Crosses Cloth

Ooh, ingrid, close. But I want to knit her a cross pendant. I guess I should have been more specific.

Hmmm, perhaps I could knit her a stole:thinking:

:thinking: hmmm I hadn’t got that far… maybe this cause she likes teddy bears :smiley:

I’m toying with the idea of knitting her a lace doily, but I’m not sure I could finish it in time :thinking:
I just finished my first doily(for me in purple, so my mum doesn’t “accidently” take it :wink: ) and it took me quite a while to finish.
Otherwise I’ll sew her some easy bags for grocery shopping…

Her birthday is May 17th, and my dad’s is May 11th…so it is ONE BIG PARTY around May…I wanted a May baby…but then I’m glad that God had other plans…isn’t it awsome that HE knows better!!! lol…I’da gone NUTS with all the festivities if I’da had a May one!!

So, I’m not actually going to knit for her. I found a beading store close by to me that has the sterling silver blocks with the letters on them. SO, I am going to make her one of those cool bracelets with the kids names on them, and my DH and I as well for Mother’s day. Her birthday, I’m going to order a mother’s ring. She isn’t married any more, and LOVES jewlery. She will be 60 this year, and I thought that would be the perfect gift for her!!! Just emailed my auntie and uncle for ring size!!!