What yarns look cheap to you?

Hello knitting friends, I was a little hesitant to start this, mi first topic since I joined knittinghelp, but, here I go. OK a girlfriend of mine is visiting Boston in mid November. I have decided to knit a nice scarf for her to use during her visit. I have decided to knit the reversible cabled palindrome, that I found at cometosilver.com but I cannot decide what yarn to use. I just do not want it to look… cheap. I am not a yarn snob at all, and I am used to lion brand yarns, caron, patons, bernart, etc. I just would like to hear your opinions… what yarns look cheap to you? Red Heart? Any others? My friend is not a knitter or crocheter and will not notice the difference between fibers. or yarns… but I don’t want to give her a cheap looking scarf… maybe I am worried about nothing.:eyes: Thanks a lot! :aww:

I think that there are lots of “cheap” yarns that still look beautiful and luscious, especially in scarf form. Trust your instincts! Go to the store and pet some skeins; if it looks lovely and feels lovely to you…very good chance it will be the same for your friend. :thumbsup:

Some “cheap” yarns that I think are great are Caron Simply Soft, Red Heart actually has some kind of super-soft or softee (i dunno what they call it) but it’s good and feels nice. I think they also have something called Lustersheen, a designer on Magknits made a sweater from it last month and I thought it looked fabulous.

LionBrand regular wool I think is a good yarn, as is Paton’s and Plymouth. And their synthetic blends are nice too–Encore, Wool-ease, etc.

I say trust yourself. Just pick something cozy and soft. Your friend will only see a great, soft scarf–she’ll be way too impressed by the fact that you actually knit it to even notice the “cheapness” of an economy yarn.

If you’re in the Boston area, check out Fabric Place in Woburn or Framingham. It’s a great, big LYS–lotsa synthetic blend and natural fiber yarns that turn out great products.

Most of the scarves I see in stores are usually made from acrylic yarn anyway, so as long as you choose a nice looking and feeling yarn, then you should be fine. One day I was shopping around in Zellers and I seen the cheapest yarn ever. It was like a buck/skein and it was made out of 100% nylon. lol. It was still great yarn because it was soft and shiny and ended up making a great scarf. I bought enough to make a scarf for both my mom and my best friend. They both love those scarves. I was going to make myself one, but when I went back to the store they were sold out. I was pretty disappointed. lol. So, basically, the right cheap yarn can make awesome things that people will enjoy. :slight_smile:

For a nice washable acrylic…

Caron Simply Soft
Vanna’s Choice (by Lion Brand)
Red Heart Soft

I like acrylic yarn. Caron SS is a very good yarn and has a nice sheen to it. Now in my opinion (note that this is MY opinion), I think anything made with novelty yarn looks cheap.

i totally agree with the above – cheap yarn has nothing to do with price.

i’m a horrid yarn snob, but i like the homespun (is it lion brand?) that you can get at places like joanne’s, and my favorite scarf is a simple garter scarf a friend knit for me from it.

my only advice is that if you get a handpainted yarn, make sure it isn’t dyed with koolaid or food dye or something like that. i had a heartbreaking email this week from a woman who bought some yarn on etsy, not knowing the dye would run when she blocked it :frowning:

Novelty yarns do not necessarily look cheap. I had knitted scarves using Patons Bohemian (chenille yarn) and Lion Brand Mystery (acrylic/wool with colorful snubs) and I like them quite much. As for acrylic I haven’t used it much but heard that Plymouth Encore is a good one. For your friend’s scarf, it really depends on what you think she appreciates. Funky (novelty), washable (acrylic or superwash wool) or something that can really insulates (merino, peruvian or alpaca)? Also a lot of places now sell wool yarns at very reasonable prices (e.g. knitpicks.com, elann.com and yarn.com all have their own brands of wool yarns and also sell name brand yarns at discounted prices). My 2 cents.

For me, I can’t think of any yarns that look cheap after being knitted. I just don’t like the feel of knitting with them.:shrug:

Thank you all very mucho for your opinions!!!
HamaLee: Thanks for your great ideas… No, I am not in the Boston area… I am in Wisconsin, but I will save that thought in case I go there in the future…
Cookie222: You are right!! I have notice that too! Many scarves, sweaters and winter items in stores are made from acrylic. And people don’t know how cheap that yarn was heheh
Sabrina: Hummm… interesting. I don’t usually care much about novelty yarn… but next time I see an item made with novelty yarn I will definitively remember your opinon.
Ellie: Thanks for your advise! As for Homespun… I wonder if it washes well… I have of course seen it in stores but I am afraid after a machine wash cycle the yarn would get out of shape…it is just my impression, not my experience.
Knittingrookie: Thanks for your two cents!! I love to hear other knitters experiences with X or Y yarns…
Ingrid: That’s true… I remember when I knitted a tank top from 100% cotton Sugar n’ Creme… harsh on my hands and the final result was a heavy piece of clothing that shrinked after the first wash! Never again.

I love this topic everytime it comes up. Cheap to me, as with the above others, is not in the yarn but I think in the fo. I have made a gorgeous irish hiking scarf from caron’s simply soft in their jade green. I have also made hideous scarves from gorgeous malabrigo. (ahhhh the horror:hair:)
Bad knits happen. bad yarn happens. Sometimes the two are independent of each other:zombie:

you knit with your heart and love …i believe your friend would be very touch… dun fuss too much on what yarn that might looked cheap…think about what pattern and stitch u intend to knit the scarf for her…she is so fortunate to have a friend who knit for her…

My DH knit a hat out of Bernat Super Chunky or some such name and it was terrible stuff. It was a black skein. It didn’t look bad in the skein or as knit, but in the wearing and one washing it looked awful. We have not had the same result with all Bernat yarn.

I am not a yarn snob. I wish all yarn looked as good in use as in the skein, but that isn’t the case.

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]Can’t go wrong with VANNA’S CHOICE by Lion Brand.!!![/COLOR][/B]