What yarn to use for Clapotis?

I am going to make this for my husbands aunt for christmas and I am not sure what yarn to use.What have some of you used for yours?


I’m using Malabrigo for mine and it’s lovely. Has just the drape and softness I was hoping for although you have to work the dropped stitches a bit cause the fibers seem to stick to each other – no biggie for me.

Here’s the KAL thread and you can see for yourself what others are using.

Here’s a picture of mine so far – hope this helps!


I used KP Shimmer (double-stranded) for mine and was pretty happy with it. If you’re on a budget, it’s a good alternative.:thumbsup:

I used HandMaiden Lady Godiva. The Clapotis was so popular and done in so many different yarns. You can go to Flickr and search for Clapotis to get an idea of the many different yarns used.

berroco love it… nice!:x:

I’ve used Shimmer and Caron’s Simply Soft, and have seen them in Paton’s SWS, Karoke, and Rowan Tapestry. Just about any yarn will work, either one color or self striping, just as long as it’s not too sticky to make dropping stitches difficult.

I used Araucania Nature Cotton. It weighs a ton. But it’s quite pretty.

I made my first one with Lorna’s Laces Shephard Worsted. I turned out great. But then I was in the LYS and saw LL Lion and Lamb and decided to do another one made of that. OMG - it is like heaven. I have never used yarn that feels like this. Pricey, but in my opinion worth it.

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:slight_smile: this too is a future fo for me

I did mine in Patons SWS which gave it a striping effect

I wanna try SWS, no one around here has it. One of my son’s lives near a Joann’s and they’re their a lot as his wife sews and is crafty, so I know what my request for a Christmas present from them is…

made it with this. the mermaid colorway. i was really happy with the results, soft with interesting colorway that went against the dropped stitches so it ws very visually appealing

I’ve got some gorgeous hand dyed worsted wool and silk blend that a friend sent me but I haven’t started it yet! I also have a whole mess of Lorna’s Laces sock yarn that I’m going to try for a skinnier version. I really need to get started on at least one! Hee!

suzeeq, I have only knit with SWS for felted projects, but I think it would be way too scratchy for me as a scarf/shawl. Then again, I’m super duper allergic to most wool, makes me itch like there are fire ants on my body :shrug: within minutes of putting it on. SWS does make an absolutely gorgeous felted material though and the colors are beautiful!

Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions I can’t wait to pick the yarn and get started!

I made an entrelac scarf in Rowan Tapestry which has similar content to SWS. It doesn’t seem to be too scratchy, but I haven’t blocked it or worn it really, so I’ll see how it goes. I just love a couple of the colors of SWS; don’t know what I’d make with it if my son comes through with it…

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I’ve found out now [B]what[/B] it is - but WHERE has the word come from??? It’s ridiculous - is someone taking the mickey?

I dunno what kind of neighbours you’ve got but I couldn’t tell anyone around here that I was wearing a clapotis, they’d fall over the garden wall, laughing! :rofl::rofl: :psst::psst: :chair:

The pattern designer lives in France and it’s a french word that means `ripples’ or something similar. The purl side does ripple after you’ve dropped the stitches.

As for your neighbors, just call it a shawl…

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