What yarn to buy in Canada?

A friend of mines mother is going to Canada for three weeks, and my friend want her mother to buy yarn for her.
What should my friend tell her mother to buy?? :??

In advance thanks!

Anything by Fleece Artist. :slight_smile:

My answer to the thread subject: ALL OF IT. :twisted:

I second that nomination… as long as their patterns aren’t included. :evil:
I’m not sure if Mission Falls is available in the US, but I’m using some of their 1824 wool right now and it’s wonderful.
I know that there’s some yarns by Patons and Bernat that aren’t available in the US, but can’t recall which ones in particular right now.

I also second Fleece Artist. There are also a lot of local producers (depending on where in Canada she will be) who produce very nice things.

I just remembered about the Briggs & Little Tuffy that I used for DH’s socks. It was scratchy, but a very durable wool. The Selkirk wool from www.ramwools.com is quite similar and very suitable for felting. It also comes in a TON of colours! :thumbsup:

Do you know where in Canada she will be visiting?

Western parts, a place called… eh, Alberta?

Most of DHs family lives in Alberta. :slight_smile: The two main cities, Calgary and Edmonton, both have a decent selection of LYSs. It seems to me that we have at least one regular on this forum that’s from Alberta, so she would be able to help more with localized stuff.


Hey there!

I live in Calgary, and there are two yarn stores that I would recommend. One is in the southwest, just off of 17th ave and Sirocco Drive called Knit One, Chat too. The other one is near chinook Mall, also in the southwest, called Gina Brown’s. both are very accessible by bus and train.

If you or your mother would like more detailed info about how to get there, please pm me. I would love to help!!


Thank you! Ill tell about the yarn stores!
It is not me and my mother, it is a friends mother. :oops: