What yarn? please help

I am making a baby toy for my friend and I have often found that so-called “baby yarn” is not really soft. My pattern is: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fuzzy-mitten-lamb which is an adorable little lamb that looks soft and a little ‘fuzzy’. The recommended yarn is: “40 g of fuzzy worsted weight yarn (MC), 15 g of contrasting worsted weight yarn”. What I would like is a specific yarn recommendation, not just ‘fuzzy worsted weight yarn’ which doesn’t give me enough information. Does anyone know a good site to order GOOD yarn?

It would help if we knew what yarn you were using. The pattern calls for worsted weight knit to a DK gauge of 22 stitches over 4". Do you care what fiber?

That is an adorable lamb.
If you have a baby yarn now, you might try washing a swatch. Some yarns get softer with washing and so may work for this project.
If you want the look of the pattern, the recommended yarns are Red Heart Symphony for the body and Bernat Satin. I have no experience with the RH but certainly Bernat Satin is very soft. Both are acrylics and easy to wash.
One of my favorite yarn sources is Webs (although they don’t carry either of the above brands). Yarnmarket and Jimmy Beans also have wide selections of good yarn and great customer service.

Hi Jan,
I am still a novice, especially when it comes to yarns. So, I do not have a fiber preference. That is where I could use some help! I just want the lamb to be soft to the touch.
Thank you!

Baby toys need to be washable so whatever yarn you choose, you should make sure it will be easy to clean. Acrylic can go in the washer and dryer, some superwash wools can also go in the dryer.

Baby yarn is lighter weight, the lamb would come out smaller. How about Caron Simply Soft. It’s the right weight and it’s very soft and washable.