What yarn is best for warm weather clothing?

Hi everyone. I need help choosing yarn suitable for knitting warm weather clothes. I now live in tropical weather and I really don’t need to be knitting winter sweaters anymore :hot: I’m not really good at choosing yarn.

cotton, linen, silk, hemp and bamboo are always good choices. sometimes you’ll find them as single-fiber yarns, sometimes a mix. sometimes they’re mixed with small amounts of wool, alpaca, and even viscous (rayon) materials. those can all help with moisture wicking. just remember the plant-based fibers can be a little stiff, so you’ll want to check the softness and drape by doing a gauge swatch.

Cotton or a cotton blend? I’m working on a top in Comfy http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/Comfy_Worsted_Yarn__D5420171.html right now and think it will be, well, comfy. We don’t have tropical weather here.

I’ve lived in the tropics and the lightest, loosest, most open knit worked best for me. I’ve used this linen blend from Maggi Knits and been pleased with the result.
I’d add that it may help to wash your swatch to get an idea of the drape of some of the plant-based fibers.