What would you like?

I am putting together a little gift box for a knitter and so
I’d like to hear what sort of things all you knitters out there
would like to find in a gift box? Nothing too extravagant but
what sort of gadgets or niceties would you like?
Searching for ideas…:slight_smile:

I’ve love to have one of those devices that allow you to stick crochet hooks and dpns (?) through to tell you what size they are because I have several now and have no idea what size they are any more. I just guess :slight_smile:

Also a container to hold yarn in that just allows the end or two ends to come through.

And perhaps some stitch markers?

A nice tape measure?

A good yarn needle or three. Some nice long, colour topped good quality pins for blocking.

All handy not-too-expensive items.

The item some have mentioned to follow a chart pattern on…from knitpicks??? would be great but I’ve never used one.

Oh…and a couple of nice lavender sachets or similar…to put in a stash box to keep things fresh and bugs away…that is a welcome gift item too I think.

I always like to pack in things I would want for myself but would never buy myself like pretty stitch and row markers or some novelty something that is cute and functional, but I have functional so the cute doesn’t get bought. (Hope that makes sense).

i got a nice gift a few days ago and now idont know how i lived with out it its just a simple row counter but it is sooo cool.

my secrtary made me a little knitting photo album/ scrapbook so i can take put pics of all my finish projects since i give alot of them away. I loved it. i would include that. It was made out of one of those small 4x6 photo albums. you should definelty include that. its like the knitters portfolio

That’s a great idea. I love mine, and its very handy if you have needles lying around and aren’t marked with a size.

Maybe you could get a yarn cutter, the clover yarn cutter is a pendant too, I think its kind of neat. Or even some nice hand products, I really like Bert’s Bees. They have a lot of nice products for the hands, and I think you can get it in CVS now.

This probably falls under the extravagant category, but if I had this I would not need any other tools for a very long time.

this is also really cool.

Unless there was a sale on sox stix.

A spool of fishing line (to use as lifelines)

A small retractable tape measure to throw in project bag (can always use more than one so can have one with each project).

Clear Zipper “knick knack” bag to store all the little things in (or a pencil case)

Hand lotions/nail file

Pretty stich markers

Needle Gauge

Folding small scissors

crochet hook (for picking up dropped stitches)

Cable needles

Bobbins (if she does color work)

Love Scout52’s idea of the photo album/scrapbook!

Depends a little on how new/experienced a knitter - maybe one of the small sized books with basic techniques that can travel in her knitting bag for those questions when not near home…

Or a book on a technique she wants to learn

Latest addition of a knitting magazine

Small gift certificate to LYS or 1 skein of some yarn she has been wanting to try out…

Color/Sample cards from on-line shops you know she likes to frequent

If a new knitter, make a print out the yarn standards (here) and put them in those plastic sleeves from the office supply store, or a list of gathered tips (like those here), or a list of your favorite on line knitting sites and shops

A guide to yarn requirements (here) - I keep one of these I once found on line and printed out in my purse for those unexpected yarn stops - would love to have this laminated one that is smaller and neater)… btw, I looked for the free one for you but the site I got it from no longer offers it and now sells the laminated card as well. :shrug:

Small bottle of a wool wash

Jeepers - had more ideas than I thought! Can you tell I’m a gadget person? :roflhard:

Ok thanks to everyone for the replies! I got lots of
good ideas and even saw a few things I will want to
get for myself :slight_smile:

I just wish I had more TIME, but unfortunately you can’t put that in a gift bag (as far as I know!)

wool wash! i got some in the last swap, and i love it. i haven’t bought any for myself, and it is great. i agree with tape measures and needle gauges ( i am always searching for mine!) pretty stitch markers are nice too, weather you make or buy them :slight_smile:

I think some of those cute ornamental stitch markers would be nice. If she knits socks, you could put in some sock blockers. Books are always good gifts, but can be a little pricey. I want one of those little dolls that makes I-cord. :mrgreen: Also, stitch holders. Now that I am experiencing working on sleeves with lots of increases and decreases, I think a row counter is a good idea!

And this: Knit Picker Fixes snags on knits and wovens

There’s so many fun things.

Off-topic: Syndactylus, that’s a nice yarn store you linked to. Did you see the pretty llama/wool yarn they have? It’s called Pastaza and sounds interesting.

i agree with the scissors and the measuring tape, i’m notorious for misplacing mine in the middle of the project (all 3 measuring tapes and 7 pairs of scissors!)

Oh that needle gauge necklace is wonderful! I love jewelry that is functional! LOL!