What would you do?

I am 26 rows into a shawl pattern and noticed that I have a couple of errors in the 7th row and the 9th row. I have the hang of the pattern now and was thinking about pulling it all out and starting over. WWYD?

This is the link to the pattern if that helps


That’s beautiful!

For me personally it would drive me crazy so I’d probably frog it especially on stockinette. But I’m kind of anal about things like that. :shrug:

I’d say it depends on where the errors are… if they totally crap up the lacy effect then, well, you’re never going to truly love it, you’ll just always notice the error. If its just a twisted stitch or something virtually unnoticeable, well then I’d keep on trucking.

You’re right. It does depend where it is in the pattern and the actual error. :thumbsup:

If it don’t look bad I’ll leave it …by the way that is a beautiful shawl

I would tend to frog it as I know my eyes would be drawn to the spot every time even if nobody else notices. But on the other hand, its a learning curve you should be proud of the fact that you got the hang of the pattern.
I agree with maughn its a beautiful shawl. do you use the bamboo for it, that has got to be one of my favorite yarns. Have saved the link so thanks.

If it bothers you, frog it. If not, leave it. Since you haven’t gotten THAT much further, I would probably frog it knowing me. I guess it would just depend on how noticeable it is. And yes, it IS a beautiful pattern!

If you think aobut it everytime you look at the shawl, frog it. If you can live with it, leave it. I’m sure no one will else would notice it.

I frogged it and started over at the started of the chart. I I’m not using the bamboo on this one but plan to make another for myself and I might use the bamboo on that one. I am using some Bernat Soy in flax. It is working out really well, and is very soft at $2 a skien it was a great buy.:slight_smile: