What would you do with this cashmere?

I have just over 500 yards of LB cashmere blend - 336 yds of cream, 84 yds each of plum and charcoal. What should I do with it? I was originally thinking some sort of cowl but I’m not sure that would be worthy of the cashmere.:wink: I want whatever it is to be something practical and lovely and worthy of the name “cashmere”. LOL What do you suggest?

I have some Cashmere and the same dilemna. What to make with my precious booty.

But a cowl may be just the thing for my stash. What better than something that soft that wraps around you and keeps you warm and snuggly while looking stylish at the same time? I am waiting to cast mine on any day now.

Good luck with yours.


Which one are you making? I’m leaning towards a smaller striped version of Knitty’s [I]Aiblin[/I] ( I think that’s how it’s spelled).

I’m also considering making a cold weather “set” of a calorimetry, fetching, and some sort of cowl. Decisions, decisions. I can’t wait to see pics of your cowl!

I made a pair of fingerless goves with LB’s cashmere blend.

I was not crazy about the yarn. I don’t think it has enough cashmere to make it a nice cashmere - I’m just not impressed with how it wears. My mits are seriously ‘pilling.’

Oh dear. Thanks for the heads up.

I’d marry it. :rofl:

I’d sleep with it !!! LOL

I like these: http://ysolda.com//wordpress/index.php/lace-up-opera-gloves/

Don’t know if that’s your style though :).

Oooh la-la!!! :muah: