What would you do with a 30$ Joann gift certificate?

I got a 30 dollar joan certificate and havent a clue what I should get. I thought about a ball winder, but then I thought about getting fabric, then they have books there too… and of course yarn!

I can use it online and at the store.

Hmm… Is Joann’s yarn exspensive let alone the fabric? :??

I would get maybe a variety of things… depending on what you would like to get. Personally I would get some yarn to make myself a shawl or some kind of funky yarn to make a scarf.

Well, get whatever you please :slight_smile:

Hmmmm…I would get something that I normally would be hesitant to spend that much money on-like a book or more expensive yarn, or maybe some new scissors, or a really fabulous fabric you’ve been wanting for a long time…they’ve also got pretty baskets, or maybe a sewing/yarn tote or organizer. I could come up with a million things, lol!

I don’t know if that helps much - but I’m sure you’ll come up with something!! And remember you can shop online, and the selection of yarn/knitting needles etc is much better online…actually, I guess you can w/ a GC, can’t you? probably-there’s one way to find out I guess.

Let us know what you get!

I would DEFINITELY wait for one of their 40-50% off coupons and order a ball winder online. :thumbsup:

I agree with Kelly. Wait for a good coupon and order something that you could use that you wouldn’t purchase for yourself. I have a $25 gc from there as well and that’s my plan. Now if only Linens and Things had knitting supplies since I got a large gc from there :roflhard:

meeeeee tooo!

in fact…i wouldn’t even wait. I would hurry up and use NOVA550 before it expires on 12/31! :thumbsup:

that one is 50% off :smiley:

OOooooooOOOOOo, with shipping and handling it only comes to $32.94. There is a free shipping code for orders over $25, but you can only use one code per order :frowning: But if you buy the ball winder you can still add $25 worth of merchandise without increasing shipping charges. Wow, to get a ball winder for $2.94!

I’d definitely go for the ball winder :thumbsup:

I can use my gift card and a coupon??? :slight_smile:

Is it easy to make your own…lol Boyfriend is considering making one now.

you betcha…the code goes in a separate field from the gift card number!

thanks for that coupon code! I JUST used it with the $25 GC my sister gave me and got a ball winder for $10! AllI had to pay was the Shipping & tax. I used a Christmas gift to buy myself something I had on my Christmas wish list! :happydance:

i know my grandparents bought me a giftcard to Joann’s as well but I havent recieved it yet :crying: campus mail is slowwww…and i think they’re closed until the new year! totally not fair!

don’t worry…there are ALWAYS new codes. you can sign up for them in your e-mail or check www.currentcodes.com for codes to there and just about any other online site.

I ended up splurging at joanns when we went, but turns out, Ben may get me one in the future like maybe for our two year anniversary. He almost got it for Christmas (along with the Glossary DVD by EZ), but they were all out, and he decided to get books instead of the DVD. So, I’m going to stress that I want these things again and tell him the codes :slight_smile:

Instead I got some thread, 2 1/2 yards of denim fabric, and some yarn for FT Clogs :cheering: Ben gave me some money to pay for all of it because it was over 30 dollars :oops:

I REALLY do want a ball winder tho! We’re just pacing around the issue.

ball winder! That has my vote!