What would you do with 4 skeins of MMMMMM?

My dh gave me a great coupon book good for 15 days of Valentine’s day love. One of the coupons was for a day of gifts…who wouldn’t love that?

Today he has given me AMAZING glass beads, clothes, jewelry and body wash. And an incredible, gorgeous rain forrest shower system - the kind that you mount on your shower wall, and jets of water shoot out in a vertical line. :woot: Oh, it’s heaven on earth!!!

He also surprised me with 4 beautiful skeins of malabrigo in natural. What to make now? He made me promise that I would only use it for myself.

What would you do with it?


Wow…what an amazing husband - very creative and loving. Lucky gal!

I don’t know off-hand what I’d make…are you on Ravelry? You can put in that type of yarn and see pattern suggestions. That might help.

I love the promise of making something for yourself…that is so sweet! :hug:

WOW you made out like a bandit today !!! As for the MMM yarn, what about a shrug or shawl for yourself. I have fallen in love with shrugs b/c I am always cold and they are quick and easy to put on wiht any outfit and keep me snuggly warm.

There is just over 200 yds per mmmm skein so you could definatly make something like a pullover or jumper… depends on how big you are i guess :slight_smile:

wow…that sounds amazing…i hope when im married i get a present like that!

okay, seriously now, this is getting out of control. :wink: I really think you should be passing on some of the love and handing those skeins over… my address is…

You lucky girl you. Hooray. I think you have to do, like, some knitted lingerie or something…to be fair, ya know…

clapotis (that’s what i’m doing with my four GORGEOUS skeins of holly hock. cloud9)


before i start linking to all of their patterns (which i almost just did :teehee:), check out the patterns at zephyr style. you can knit most of them with your four skeins (but you can only pick one, of course :wink:). i absolutely love their patterns, although i haven’t been able to get any yet. i’ll be ordering my yarn for the 28thirtythis week. now i just have to decide on a color.

Violet, I really like zephyr.com. Going to order glee soon to make for myself. Thanks!

I’d make a vest!

I have only made scarf and mitts with 2 skeins of Malabrigo. You are a lucky girl, hang on tight to that husband of yours.

I would search high and low for the perfect scarf, hat and mitten set and start knitting! I just finished the Rainy Day scarf in a gorgeous brick red/deep purple MMMMM and I absolutely LOVE it! I have another 1 1/2 left in the same color which is dying to turn into a very simple ribbed wimple.

Enjoy the MMMMM and we are all very jealous of your husband!:woot:

I have 5 skeins and I am making Mr. Greenjeans from knitty - it is in their archives. It is a great pattern for a really cute cardigan sweater. It is knit in all one piece, top down. No seams!!!

It is an easy fun knit and many people on Ravelry have made it from Malibrigo…Which is where I got the idea. I am making the XS small for my mom - the original patter called for 3 skeins of a different yarn which is about 900 yards so I bought 5 skeins of the malibrigo. If you can get one more… I think this is an awesome project.

Oooh…I LOVE wicked. And I like the Juliet very much. It’s so pretty!

I was going to make a wide scarf, hat and mittens with it…but I don’t really want ivory hand wash only mittens in dirty, snowy Michigan. They would be sad and gray within a day or two.

I am going to look at short sleeve sweaters (I am all about layering over long sleeved shirts anyway!).


I made wicked out of mmm, it’s my favorite sweater :slight_smile:

How about something like this?

How about something like this? It’s called Two Button Scarf, Simple knits w/ Jojoland Rhythm. Sorry about the pore clearness on the picture scan.

Well if youcan’t figure out anything you can always give it to me :teehee:

Are you on Ravelry? THere’s lots of good ideas there. If not I can look some up for you :waving:

What good taste he has! Lucky you! I have 3 skeins of one color of mmmm - I was thinking vest or shrug. I definitely want all that lovely softness all around me. You could do a shawl too. But Wicked is really nice … So many options! Have fun with it!