What wool to use

I am wanting to knit a baby wrap and the pattern calls for a bulky wool such as Bernat Baby Blanket but I hate knitting with that stuff. What else can I use for this wrap that is going to be comfortable for a baby?

You could find a worsted weight yarn you like to use and knit double-stranded.

Lion Brand has bulky acrylic and wool blend yarns. Thick and Quick I think they’re called. They’re pretty nice IMO.

If possible, you need to make a trip to a brick and mortar store and pet some yarns to see what feels good to you. The feel of yarn is very much individual preference, so what feels fluff and soft to one person might seem scratchy to another.

If you don’t like bulky weight, I second the suggestion to use doubled worsted. You would also have a wider selection at a better price.

Also, many yarns feel softer once they’ve been washed. You don’t have to wash them before you use them, but keep in mind that the finished project ma be softer than it appears.

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Thanks! I actually got to talk to a lady that does quite a bit of
knitting and she made the same suggestion so now I just have to wait
until the next time we head to Saskatoon so I can go to the yarn shop