What will be the length of the scarf?

I have 3 balls of wool 127 Print ( filatura di crosa ) and I would likle to knit a scarf, my question is: what will be the lenght of the scarf when it will be finished. ?

Each ball has 50 grams.
10x10 cm gives 16 stitches and 18 rows.
93 yards / ball .

Here is a link to see the wool.


this is like one of those “not enough info” puzzle questions.

The problem with being able to answer this is that we don’t know how wide you are going to make it, what your actual gauge is going to be, etc.

If you have to know, I would suggest beginning the scarf, and knitting say, 5 or 6 inches. Then weigh your yarn and see how many grams you’ve used. Then you can do the math and figure out how much scarf 150 grams of yarn will get you. :smiley:

(I just got a kitchen scale and I’ve used it more for knitting than I have for food! :roflhard: )

[color=orange] :rofling: wow Julie that’s like “Knitting for Geeks!” :wink: i must confess when y’all start talking about weighing, measuring, adding, multiplying to get to whatever result you are looking for my eyes glaze over. While i am not a huge math fan i can usually do it fairly quickly in my head. but y’alls calculations always make my head hurt…and it amazes me that it always makes perfect sense to everybody else!..lol[/color]

(well except maybe kelly! :wink: )[/size]

Julie, I can not knit with this wool because I want to send them to a friend as a gift so she can knit a scarf but I want to be sure that she will have enough of 3 balls. :thinking:

Maybe 7 inches wide ?

well you have almost 300 yards of yarn there so she should be able to make a nice long scarf bu of course the wider it is, the shorter the scarf will be. and depending on the needles, loose or tight knitter, etc it could be either markedly longer or shorter. I would say, in general though, you should have plenty there for a nice long scarf.

that’s some lovely looking yarn too…i want the violet! :wink:

Hmmm. The only thing I can think of then is to find a scarf pattern that calls for that gauge, and see how much yarn it calls for.

I did not find a pattern for this yarn, I lool on the web but no result, if anyone have a reference I will appreciaite, I am not certain that I choose the right yarn for a carf :rollseyes: ( see my pics below )

Maybe a smaller yarn will be better ?

Gauge for this yarn is: 4.


no it is a great yarn, there are just too many variables for us to really be able to determine what the length is going to be. I really think you have plenty but it is hard to tell with 100% certainty.

How long do you WANT it to be?


These 3 balls are a surprise gift to a freind, when I bought them I tought she could knit a scarf with them, but how long she will make the scarf I do not know, I just want to be sure that she will be able to knit a scarf with a reasonnable length, so I think it will be ok. Hope so ? :XX:

Thank you to all of you !

huh? :?? :rofling: