What weight is this yarn? HELP!

Could somebody PLEASE tell me what size yarn this is?
Is it worsted,or dk or maybe light worsted?
I still have a hard time figureing out yarn wieghts. ANY help would be awesome and greatly appreciated. I am trying to find a sweater pattern for this yarn but I don’t really know the wieght it is. I dont have any labels for it. Only what it is made from: acrylic, poly and wool.
ALSO I went to a yarn weight site and it said to check the gauge by the normal way…knitting 4" and then measuring…but it didn’t say what size needles to use. Is the size needle important when trying to find the gauge or wieght of the yarn?
Or, better still, would anyone know exactly what yarn this is? It is REALLY soft, kind of hairy and not stiff at all and it looks like one ply with a really skinny thread like yarn twisted around it. And it has a kind of ‘sheen’ to it a little bit.

The best way to check what weight the yarn is is to look at the label. If it comes without a label then swatching is the best way to do it. And yes, needle size would be important in figuring out gauge. You could swatch till you find a fabric you like and then figure what gauge that is. Then you could find a sweater that works with that.

How about the handy wpi method? There are tools for measuring wrpas per inch to tell you the yarn weight (fingering, sport, DK etc.) but according to some online resources I found, you can also use a ruler.


Or just google wraps per inch yarn weights.