What type of yarn?

Another fun poll just to see what you like. What type of yarn do you like to work with the most?

I can’t pick just one. Sometimes I like rough, thin wool. Other times I love cotton. Superwash wool is great, too. I think the colors and the look of the knitting is more what I go for than the wool itself.

So far, I prefer the regular plied yarns - but only because I am on a miniscule yarn budget, and haven’t really tried anything “nice” WalMart doesn’t even carry wool, and one trip into my LYS and I banned myself until I get a job to pay for it…anything over $5 a skein is a big no-no right now. I loooved cottonease when I used it, and I really enjoy Sugar N Cream - so far have made 4 projects with it and all turned out really nice, and only cost me about $12 total! 2 shirts, a purse and a blankie for that price - can’t beat it.

I am just in love with my two little balls of angora I bought in Arizona this June… I almost bought a few more when I went to a store in Mpls last month. I plan to make wrist cuffs with the two I have. But, I do really like the feel of the cashmerino’s, aplacas, etc… I love to touch everything in the store when I’m there… mmmmmmmmm :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove:

Have you considered trying some of the knitpicks.com yarns? Most EVERYTHING is under 5 bucks, and so many of us have used their stuff that you can find “reviews” all over this site! :lol:

:oops: I’ve never bought anything online… I am a complete online rookie. But I have thought about it, because everyone here just raves about their stuff, and their prices…I actually checked out the website for the first time last night after I posted this - :smiley: Now I just have to convince DH that I really need this yarn…Christmas is coming, you know… :roflhard:

SWTC Soy Silk.
Rowan Kidsilk Haze.
Noro Kureyon
LB Fun Fur.
GGH Soft Kid.