What type of spinning wheel do you own?

Just wondering what everyone owns? I am really enjoying spinning on a drop spindle, so I imagine one day I will move on to a spinning wheel. Tell me why you like your wheel, or maybe why you don’t.

I have a Fricke S-160DT, and I luuuurve it. :heart: It was great to learn on (I had only spun on a wheel for 5 minutes prior to getting this one), does everything I need it to, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it was so affordable. :thumbsup:

It’s not the most gorgeous wheel in the world, but it’s not like I have it on display or anything. :teehee:

My first wheel is an Ashford Traveller. It does okay and looks nice. For most of my spinning I use my 2nd wheel, Lendrum folding wheel. Now that one I am in love with and have had it for a year. I’ve never been disappointed with it.

The first wheel I got was an Ashford Travelor, its a great little wheel. I also have two clemes and clemes kit wheels, which is what I do most of my spinning/plying on now because of the nice big bobbins.

I have a single treadle Lendrum. It is fabulous. It can spin a nice variety of yarn weights and I just recently bought the bulky flyer.

I got the single treadle because it cost less $$$ and starting out I found it easier to use. I can treadle with either foot.

I don’t understand the single and double treadle. I always thought the double treadle was easier for beginners?

I have kind of been looking at wheels and there are so many it is hard to make a decision. I like the look of the Ashfort traditional, but some reviews are good and others are bad. Every wheel I think I will like you read good and bad things about it. :shrug:

My Ashford Traditional is my first and favorite wheel. I’ve spun almost every kind of fiber on it. I think it’s the perfect starter wheel, but with a bias of course.:teehee:

A Kromski Polonaise is my second. It’s more complicated with more adjustments in both the wheel itself and my technique. I have had it for about 5 years and am still learning all it’s details. It’s a gorgeous wheel.

Go to a shop or two and test drive a few. See which one works best for you.

I would love to test drive some models but the closest lys is 2.5 hours away.

I don’t understand the single and double treadle. I always thought the double treadle was easier for beginners?

It just depends on the beginner I guess. When I was starting out, I tried my friend’s double treadle wheel and had so much trouble. I took a class and used a single treadle and just starting out I liked it sooo much better. After the class I tried out every wheel the shop had and picked out my Lendrum. It was still a hard choice as most of the wheels there were lots of fun.

I have kind of been looking at wheels and there are so many it is hard to make a decision. I like the look of the Ashfort traditional, but some reviews are good and others are bad. Every wheel I think I will like you read good and bad things about it. :shrug:

Think about what you want in a wheel. Does it matter to you if it folds up? Does the oriface height matter to you? You should be able to spin pretty far from the oriface but starting out it could be a pain to rethread it.
What price range are you looking for? What weights of yarn do you want to spin? If you don’t know get a wheel that will do well for a variety.
Single or double treadle? There are wheels that you can buy as a single and then get a conversion kit for later if you change you mind.
Scotch tension or double drive or one that could be either?
Some wheels eat a lot of oil, does that matter?

I hope this helps instead of making it harder to decide. Don’t worry about what wheel other people like best and get one that fits what you want to do.

I have an Ashford Traditional and I love it. It’s actual my MIL’s but it’s on an indefinite load to me. I’m still a beginner and I think the single treadle worked best for me. One foot firmly planted on the ground with another just treadling away!

I agree that if you can test drive a few of them first it would make you decision so much easier. Do you have a spinning guild in your area? Is there anyone that might give lessons? If not, a trip to that LYS might be beneficial if you can combine it with a spinning session. These wheels definitely don’t come cheap!

I’ve got a Louet-a-like, single treadle. I got it off ebay for a song, but have out grown it. I’m looking to get a Kromski Sonata within the next year. Woo!

My first wheel was the Ashford Traveller, double treadle, double drive with optional Scotch (or Irish) tension. It is still my workhorse and the one I use the most.

I’ve added the Jumbo Flyer for plying.

My second wheel was a beautiful antique (1700’s), Irish style saxony, single treadle with scotch tension. It spins very well, but with just one bobbin, it is not too practical to use. The price was just too good to pass up (only $125).

I picked up a 1970’s era Ashford Traditional, single treadle, scotch tension. This is the wheel I let students use for comparison to the the DT, DB Traveller.

As a plus, the bobbins from my Traveller fit my Traddie!

Christmas 2006, my husband surprised me with a late 1800’s Great Wheel. I still haven’t gotten the hang of it. When I want to make beginner, ‘designer’ yarn, I use the Great Wheel

My Traveller wasn’t present for the photo shoot :), it was in use in the living room!

I love the versitility of the Traveller. It’s easy to take to Farmer’s Market with me every weekend. I replaced the drive band with pony bead lacing. Adjusting for tension is rarely an issue now since the lacing stretches as needed. When I’m finished spinning, I remove the lacing from the bobbin and it shrinks back to size.

It depends. When I first got my Traveller with the DT, I used it as a ST when spinning and DT when plying. I now use the DT all the time.

I find I have better control over speed and direction when I DT.

What about single drive vs double drive which does everyone prefer? I know with the Ashford traditional you can go either way.

I was lucky to have the chance to try out a couple of different wheels because I took a spinning class when I first started out. But it was hard to evaluate the wheels because I didn’t have enough skill to really see what the wheels could do! I ended up not buying any of the wheels I tried. Instead, I bought an older, used Ashford Traditional with single treadle and single drive from ebay. I thought it was great for learning on. My Ashford was inexpensive and is simple, sturdy, stable and reliable. I spun a wide variety of fibers on it, and because there wasn’t much that could be adjusted with the wheel, I learned how to adjust myself to get the results I wanted. The downside - my Ashford sucks up oil, is noisy, is somewhat bulky, only has two ratios (older version) and has teeny tiny bobbins.
Several months ago, I finally bought the wheel I’ve coveted since I started spinning - a Majacraft Suzie. I love it. It has an unconventional look, which some people don’t care for, is way more expensive than the Ashfords, and is more responsive to adjustment, which means more fiddling around with tension and such. However, it has a wide range of ratios, gigantic bobbins and is very quiet. It has plastic bearings that never need oiling. It spins “like butter”. I don’t regret buying my Ashford, but I love the Suzie!

I love having the choice if using either the double drive, a Scotch tension or the Irish tension (one of this is bobbin led, the other flyer led).

The traveller was actually a present from my husband (got to love a man who not only supports your addiction but contributes to it!!). He called Susan McFarland(http://www.susansfibershop.com) and ask her what she would recommend. Susan sells Schacht, Louet, Ashford, Majacraft, Kromski, M.A.R.G., Lendrum, Babe & Country Craftsman. Her recommendation for a first wheel that would be hard to outgrow was the DT, DD Ashford Traveller.

I’ve been more than happy with it the past 5 years

I love you too! :muah:

Oh wait - you meant the wheel . . .