What type of knit stitch is this?


Hello there everyone! I’m hoping someone can help me identify what type of stitch was used to make this scarf - I tried to take a bunch of photos of it to get good shots of the stitches. It’s a store-bought scarf, so I have no idea if it’s actually knit, or crochet, or what? It looks somewhat similar to rib stitch to my fairly untrained eye, but not quite. I really have no idea! But I’d love to figure it out so I could try and knit something like this for myself.

IMG_0293 IMG_0294 IMG_0295 IMG_0296


More than just a k,p rib. There is something going on with Knitting into the next sts and the sts one row below at the same time?
I love a puzzle, so let me work some sample swatches to see if I can discover a match.

Of course someone else here might yet recognize it.


Yeah, it had a similar effect to a rib stitch to me visually but almost with more depth or something, like it looked double layered. As if you could pull it apart like two plys of paper or something. Very interesting look! Thanks for checking it out!


I agree with Jack on the knit one below or similar stitch. It looks like a Fisherman Rib or brioche stitch to me. Those are both very cushy sts with lots of depth.


Thanks for the ideas! I googled and I’m not sure if either looks exactly like that, but similar look for sure with the depths of those stitches. And now you led me down a rabbit hole where I discovered honeycomb stitch which looks beautiful, so I’m going to try that out for a future product!! I’m very new to knitting so this is all brand new stuff for me. :slight_smile: