What to use for socks if you are allergic to wool?

I’ve got a question. I’m knitting for a while now and I want to try to make some socks. The only problem is that all the yarn I can find for socks has wool in it and I’m allergic to wool. If I use thas my hands will get itchy and swollen, which makes me unable to knit.

My question is, what can I use for socks, so they are comfortable to wear?

There are some great cotton-blend sock yarns!

Elann Esprit

Cascade Fixation

Fortissima Cotton Colori (soooo soft!)

Also, I can’t think of the working title off the top of my head…but Amy Singer (editor of Knitty) is working on a book right now about NOT knitting with wool (she’s very allergic – there are a lot of yarns she said she can’t even touch :frowning: ). She talked about it on the latest Knitcast. :smiley:

Knitpicks Dancing doesn’t contain wool, then there’s Plymouth sockotta sock yarn and various other cotton blend sock yarns. You will find several if you google cotton and/or cotton blend sock and/or fingering wt. yarn :wink:

Becka, have you had your coffee yet?? :rofling:

(Dancing is 39% wool.)

Thanks voor the suggestions. I also discoverd dancing contained wool. I’m really allergic, even 5% is to much for me, so the yarn has to be totally free of wool.

I really liked the Fortissima Cotton Colori, hope I can find it :notworthy:

The suggested yarns don’t sound familiar to me, I don’t know if I can find them in the Netherlands. If I can’t find them, can I also use yarn which is usually used for sweaters? 100% cotton for example, or a cotton blend?

100% cotton isn’t ideal for socks, because it has no “memory.” It stretches out of shape. Any cotton yarn used for socks should have some other fiber to help it in that regard…elastc, nylon, etc. It doesn’t have to be a sock yarn per se – I personally think DK or worsted weight yarn is great to learn how sock construction works – but keep in mind that the heavier the yarn, the thicker the sock. :smiley:

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I too am horribly allergic to wool :?? and am always looking for an alternative or substitute. I can wear a wool skirt fully lined and will have a “hive belt” on in no time! (also hive knee bands !)My husband wants a wool vest and I may try it if my hands hold out. I am going to the Knitty site right now to read the article.
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:XX: (but not with wool!)

thanks Julie, I guess I will be able to find some sockyarn which I am not allergic to. I’ve been thinking, and all the yarn I’ve used has been european, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to find those special sockyarns. But, your suggestions are really helpfull.

I just began a pair of socks while in the car today and realized that the yarn is acrylic. Then I thought of this post!!! The yarn is Moda Dea Sassy Stripes. They have a site www.modadea.com if you want to see if you can find it. It is knitting up nicely and feels great too. An internet friend finished a pair and loves hers. Hope this helps!!! samm in Canada

There are cotton/acrylic blends as well:

Katia Mississippi 3 (sold by Carodan Farms) is one and if you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, they sell a crochet cotton/acrylic blend by Coats and Clark called Senso.

These yarns are not very stretchy, but they seem to be fine. I use them with lacy patterns that have some give so they work for me. They probably would not be so good with a plain stockingette stitch leg.

Bernat makes an acrylic called Sox - not so comfortable but it works.

OOPS :blush:

well, I went to the LYS (which is very small) today, but all they had was cotton or blends with wool in it. (yes, we do have a blend with silk, you can use that, but he forgot that there was 55% wool in it as well :doh: )

so, I come to my next question…

should the yarn be elastic? he did have some cotton/acrylic blends, but that isn’t elastic at all. or should I just try to make some socks with the acrylic I’m using for my scarf (I’ve probably bought to much)

questions keep coming and I really want to make some socks, but they have to be comfortable to wear.

Cascade Fixation has worked out pretty well for me and its cotton and elastic so you don’t have to worry about the “memory” problem

well, the problem is, I can’t find any blend with cotton and elastic or nylon, only with acrylic. I can go to a larger yarn shop, but it isn’t in the neighbourhood, and since I’m not able to walk for a while due to a sports injury, that’ll be a problem. (I can go to the LYS by bike, but have to take the train for the large one, and walk from the station to the shop)

Cherry Tree Hill’s North Country Cotton is 100% cotton and one skein makes a beautiful pair of socks.


Cascade Yarn has a website with information about all of their yarns. There may well be a European distributor you could order from. Worth a try. :thumbsup: I have made hats with Fixation and it’s great to work with for that. I will try socks next. Just thinking about wool breaks me out in hives!
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:XX: (but not with wool!)

they don’t ship to europe :frowning:

the elann esprit can be shipped to europe, but I want to be sure I like knitting socks before I’ll do that, because it is a bit expensive, and it’ll take at least 2 weeks.

fortissima cotton colori is german (with a greater chance to find here) but I just visited the website and they don’t make that anymore.

I will continue to investigate too for you! I have friends in Amsterdam and will email them. :smiley: The “wool challenged” of the world need to unite!
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:XX: (but not with wool)

well, thanks a lot :smiley:

I guess I’ll just have to wait untill i’m able to walk, so I can go to the yarn shop in Utrecht. (a larger one than my LYS) Or just look really nice to my boyfriend.

You are welcomed. I just remembered that there is a German(I think) knitting magazine called “Rebecca” which has a website and might be a source of information.
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