What to make?

A lady at my knitting group gave me 5 hanks of Koigu which is fingering weight. I have 3 different colorways. Each hank is approx 175 yds. I was thinking of some pretty lacy scarfs. Any pattern ideas? Any other ideas for other directions? :shrug: Also, what to do with the odd hand. It is actually my favorite, very deep pretty colors.


Hi! I just bought Koigu for the first time, only 3 skeins. It’s really fabulous stuff. Did you knit up a swatch yet? I was in a yarn store and they had this really long long scarf that was also a tube so you could wear it like a hood and have the rest hang down, drape around you. (know what I mean?)
And I was playing with it, it was stretchy yet strong, really beautiful.

I’d swatch some of it to see how you like it and if it should be lacey or just plain. Scarves sound good though.