What to Make With this Yarn?

Ok. Here’s a yarn I found on the site where I have a gift certificate.


It’s Cascade - Quatro. Here’s the info about it from the site:

CONTENT: 100% Peruvian Highland wool
WEIGHT: 100 grams
LENGTH: 220 yards
GAUGE: 4.5 - 5 stitches per inch

What could I make with it??

How much did you buy?

I haven’t purchased it yet. Just looking…it caught my eye.

a pretty, simple tank top…

or a more complex tank

Or you could felt it. Bags, felted clogs, felted hats, coasters, beverage jackets etc.
Personally, I find Cascade 220 and the quatro a little scratchy to wear against my skin but soft enough to work with. So I use it mainly for felting and it does that very well.

Now, the clogs sound like a good idea. When felting it, though (regardless of the pattern) do you think:

a) that the color variation would show up good

b) that it would feel okay on the feet (if doing clogs) given your comment about the scratchiness

Thanks!!! :muah:

I’ve felted the Quattro before, and while the color variations aren’t terribly distinct, they create enough of an effect to look different from regular Cascade 220. I rather like the look, myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics to share–you’ll just have to trust me. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about yarn preference per se but I am :heart: :heart: tank top #2


What lovely yarn!!

That complex tank is beautiful, but you can never go wrong with clogs!

Hi. just thought you might like to see some pics of felted quatro. The two pairs on the sides in this pic were quatro. The cascade felts beautifully, and I liked the subtle effect of the quatro. Hope that helps!

Did you notice the Rainy Day Socks which I posted? That yarn might be perfect for that.

Oh gosh, the clogs are so cute! I may just have to do that! I just love the color of the yarn…

And the socks… :passedout:

I’ll probably have to get some yarn just for those! I’ll be the envy of everyone. :teehee:

Thanks, y’all! :muah: