What to make with Sensations Bedazzle

My mom got me 2 skeins of bedazzle, one blue and one white. I have NO idea what to make with this stuff! The only thing I can think of is a shrug, but since each ball has only 41 yards and it’s $3.00 on clearance, it would be an expensive item to make. Has anyone ever made anything with this yarn, and what did you make?
Thanks for your help.

I got Bedazzle in red, white, and blue. I didn’t think it looked too good alone, so I mixed it with Darice Mesmerize (it’s kind of like fun fur, but very very soft.) I made scarves. They turned out pretty nice. I did the red Bedazzle with white Mesmerize, the blue Bedazzle with a kind of navy colored Mesmerize, and then I did both red and blue Bedazzle with the white Mesmerize. You can see the pictures at this site, they are kind of small but if you can open them in a new window they get a little bigger.

Look at the 3rd row of pics, the first picture, the scarf on the right and the second picture, the scarf on the right.

Anyhow, I think Bedazzle is best if you mix it with another type of yarn. :smiley: