What to make with malabrigo?

I know I will be getting some Christmas $$$ and wanted to buy some malabrigo from e-bay b/c my lys doesn’t have any yet. My question to you is how much should I buy? What can be made with one skein?

Scarf, maybe a hat. Book stores may have a book called One Skein Wonders. Has 101 projects to make with only hank of yarn…

I’ve asked for that book for Christmas, fingers crossed.

I’m currently knitting a narrow-ish 2 cable scarf out of Malabrigo, and I think it will take only one skein (pattern called for 200 yds of worsted weight). I might decide t make it a shade longer than called for, but I think it will be an acceptable-length scarf after just one skein.

I found some MMMMMmmmmmmm myself
its just TOO Yummy for words
i got some Ocher for me, gonna try to make a bag with it
and got a few different shades of purple to make something else with

OMG its SOOOO soft
I heard from you all, but I had NO IDEA


you can make a scarf AND a hat with one skein. Or a pair of really thick soks. (maybe)

How about the touch of whimsy hat and scarf?

I’m knitting with Malabrigo for the first time (ahhhhhh); I’m making a scarf for DH for Christmas & it’s about 7" wide–wider than what I’d do for myself. I’m thinking I can make his with 2 hanks or less; if so, I’ll make myself a smaller scarf with what’s left (I bought 3 hanks, but it’s about 215 yds per hank so it’s generous).

I thought about that and really want to do it b/c it’s sooooooo pretty. I’m just afraid I’d get tired of the pattern repeat, I tried the Irish hiking scarf and only got it about 14" and then decided I didn’t want to do it anymore so I bo and my dd likes to snuggle with it.