What to Make For Tropical Climate? (A Gift)

I’ve just gotten back in touch with my best friend from high school, in Panama, Central America. I’d love to knit or crochet her something, but I can’t think what!!! It’s very tropical, so her little dog doesn’t even need a sweater…I can’t think what I could possibly make for her! Any ideas? :shock:

Maybe a lacy shawl or a bag?

washcloths/dishcloths, handtowels, bath or kitchen sets.

I love making market bags, I’ll make her one of those! I also like the shawl idea. Thanks!

If you can crochet you might like to take a look at naturallycaron.com
They have a free crochet pattern for what they call Spa Aphrodite Shawl. It looks more like a cropped jacket or shrug but it’s a shawl. Spa is just the name of one of their yarns. Looks very tropical to me.

Another is in Lion Brands free patterns and is called an Island Shawl. Done in cotton, I believe. Think you can find it with just that name. If not let me know and I’ll find the number. It’s a straight knitted shawl or stole that looks at home near the ocean. Either of these would be nice over a skimpy summer dress worn to a restaurant or ?? place that always has the AC set on frigid.

There are probably lots more especially listed with the cotton yarns for summer. Good hunting. Jean

Perhaps a cotton dishcloth will be nice?

Ooooooh, I didn’t even think about dishcloths. I don’t know about knitted ones, but I know crochet ones scrub like super good. I loves them. :slight_smile:

How about a shrug? This is a sweater of sorts that just covers the arms. It’s useful when you’re in an air conditioned building, but you can slip it off and put it in your purse when you’re going outside in the heat.


I live in a tropical climate and I still like sweaters and hats. Not thick wool sweaters and ski hats; but thin, lightweight cardigans and slouchy berets. Filmy scarves are nice, too.

What about a lightweight knitted tank top?

I love this for warmer weather.

Thanks. I’ve wanted to make that for myself, but was discouraged by tons of ends to weave in, according to some who have made it.

It does have a ton of ends to weave in. It’s not hard to make though. The construction can be a little complex at times, but for the most part it makes sense when you look at it as to how to goes together. I made this last summer for a friend. It’s a beautiful piece and its not as hard to make for as nice as it looks when its done.