What to knit with Karaoke...?

I have two skeins of Karaoke in loganberry colour. I was going to make some felted ballerina shoes, but it’s such nice yarn I’m not sure if I want to felt it…? :thinking:

Has anyone got any ideas what I could make with it. Thanks!

I make a scarf, but that took 3 skeins. Maybe a hat? or some mittens or gloves? You could make a short accessory-type scarf.

That’s a soft yarn isn’t it? I would make something for close to the skin, Hat, short scarf, mittens. They don’t have a lot of color varieties of it at my LYS and the skeins look so tiny :rollseyes: But it is a nice material so whatever you come up with should be nice. :thumbsup:

This pattern uses 2 balls of Karoke.
Oh, so does this one, and this hat uses one ball of Karoke.