What to knit when expecting and don't know the sex?

If you were expecting (like I am) and didn’t know the sex of the baby, what would you knit and what colours would you use?

DH requested that we kept finding out the baby’s gender as a birth suprise and now I am totally kicking myself in the butt!

So it’s due on October 30th. :inlove: a sweater season baby :smiley:

Now as a first time Mom, what should I knit for it and what colour strategy would you suggest? (2 of everything? boy colour girl colour?)

First of all, congrats:hug:! Second - I wish i had your patience, i would never be able to wait to find out :rofl: I don’t have kids yet, but i think the moment i can know - i’d like to know. There are many patterns for babies that don’t come in pastel, usual baby colours. There’s this new book that Quiltlady posted [COLOR=SeaGreen]here[/COLOR] about. I personally dislike all that girl=red and boys=blue stuff. There’s green and burgundy and yellow and lots of other colors! I would knit in different colors and eventually, no matter the sex of the baby - you’ll have her/him having really stylish outfits!
Have a great pregnancy and easy delivery…


Congrats!! :cheering: First of all it’s not so bad waiting to meet your baby. I didn’t know with either of mine, and I have never regreted the decision. I always thought it was like peaking at Christmas presents!

Regarding colors, there are so many. You can go the whole pastel root and do pale yellow and light green. Or, you can go bold. Purples, greens, reds. I think you’re only limited by your imigination. Some one just posted a great baby book. Check it out, it may give you some ideas.



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[/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][LEFT][SIZE=5][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=7][SIZE=4][COLOR=Black]I’m making this blanket for my coming soon grandchild. I don’t know the gender so this will work for either girl or boy. Plus I’m not a fan of blue for boys and pink for girls. That’s just too limiting.


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Congrats to you!!! :cheering: I’ve always just picked colors that I like. I never really worried about boy colors vs girl colors. There are so many great combinations out there these days. Try not to think in terms of boy or girl, just go with what strikes your fancy.


What a fantastic pattern for the blanket! I think I’ll have to make that soon.


Did you know babies most like looking at black and white combos? We printed out pictures of stars, bullseyes, etc in black on white paper and the babies LOVE staring at them. (Yeah- cheap toys!) Why not knit a blanket or toys in black and white. It’s definitely gender neutral and the baby will LOVE it!



I would knit a blanket, starting from the center, and then just put a plain knit/purl pattern in there. I would knit a garter stitch jacket, making both in neutral colors, maybe a taupe, brown, white, something like that. Just your basic layette.

Definitely don’t make the willie warmer from that other thread :lol:

I agree with KnittingNat. I like the idea of using unusual colors for baby clothing.

There are some interesting colors that you can use if you are willing to use other weight yarns, not just baby weight yarn.

For example, I would knit purples for either sex. Certain greens are interesting. Golds. Creams. Rainbow color combinations.

I get stuck when it comes to cardigans. Have to know the sex to know which side to put the buttonholes! So I stick to pullovers and non-buttoning cardigans.

For example, look at this [COLOR=blue]BABY OUTFIT[/COLOR]…and this [COLOR=blue]THIS OUTFIT[/COLOR] and tell me they aren’t just adorable…and NOT THE USUAL pink for girls and blue for boys! These outfits would look adorable on either a girl or a boy IMHO.

And BTW: [SIZE=5][COLOR=red][B]CONGRATULATIONS [/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] on your forthcoming bundle of joy!:heart::heart::heart:

I agree with the above. we weren’t sure of our DD sex until close to the end- so I picked yellows and greens for the layettes and room colors. they worked great!! her favorite blankie is a yellow one…

I would use yellow, green, or white, probably, or one of the pretty vareigated pastel yarns. Those would be my first choice.

But your baby will also need a Christmas sweater, right? Red and green for that. (Or royal blue and white.)

I love a newborn baby in white…they look so delicate and precious.

This should be based only on what you prefer! Some people think boys should not be seen in pink and girls only in pink. Others would put their girls in blue just because. Others would knit white, cream, and lemon yellows and other gender-neutral colours. How do you feel about a particular sex wearing or not wearing a particular colour? What do you enjoy knitting and what would you be happy to dress the sprog in?

P.S. Yarn Harlot has some cute rainbow-coloured but still CUTE AS HELL cardigans knitted lately, check out June 5 entry.
P.P.S. Just remember that even if you are happy to dress a boy in pink or a girl in blue, that strangers may come up to you and talk about how cute ‘he’ or ‘she’ is based only on the colours the bub is wearing. If these assumptions will make you annoyed… you might want to avoid the stress by saving the gendered colours for after you know what it will be. If you are twisted like me, you might like a baby item knitted in baby blue and baby pink just to confuse people. But I really like the rainbow colours at Steph’s blog for any baby item.
P.P.P.S. Congratulations! I am sure yours will be the cutest baby EVER and handknitted garments will make it even more cute. And allow me to add one more vote for the rainbow colours. That’s three votes for the rainbow colours in just ONE post!! A clear winner.
P.P.P.P.S. the rainbow colours are really cute. But that’s for me to put on MY (hypothetical future) baby and you should really choose whatever you like best. Especially if it’s the rainbow colours.


Thank you so much for all the posts everyone! I guess I had pastel coloured tunnel vision! This may be a result of the nesting phase I seem to be heading into, combined with my mental fuzziness!

I really loved some of the ideas you all pitched and think I probably will go the bright n’ brilliant colour ways! I am thinking of the dreary late autumn and winter days, could use some bright colours. Perhaps with a few quick and easily re-giftable other gender specific items in pink or blue. I just have to knit something in pink or blue :stuck_out_tongue:

First I might try to knit a baby hockey jersey 'cause we are Leafs fans and that would be too cute. Let me know if anyone has a pattern or chart for that :stuck_out_tongue:

I think a black & white baby blanket would look really cool, especially if done in a geometric pattern or wave stripe.

And cftwo you were right… this baby will need a wee little Christmas sweater. Possibly with matching leggings… oooh stripy elf-baby leggings. :stuck_out_tongue:

and for the rest… I guess I could knit items in colours that both me and my husband look good in… it’s bound to look like one of us!

Keep on pumping your ideas! I can use them :smiley:

I wish the technology was available when I was pregnant…I would have loved to know ahead of time. The way I see it it’s a surprise no matter when you find out so what’s the difference? :teehee:

Anyhoo… unlike with a gift it’s YOUR baby so you can choose any color that appeals to you and it will be fine! No worries over whether the parents won’t like the colors you’ve chosen. :wink:

As for what to make,… soakers if you are using cloth diapers, cotton burp cloths and bibs, sweaters, onesies, …the list is endless. :wink:



I have been knitting up baby outfits this summer for gifts. My brother in law and his wife are expecting their first child, and I made a red hoodie sweater and hat set for them in a deep red color. When they found out they were having a girl, I added matching ribbon instead of buttons to the front…so she has two little bows in the front of her sweater (and a bow on top of the hat, as well).

Other friends don’t know what they are having, so I knit a kimono sweater in a white/blue/yellow/green variegated yarn.

I just pick colors based on what colors the PARENTS like…the baby won’t care what it wears, and the parents are the ones who will have to like it. So choose what YOU like.


That’s a great idea! Make whatever you want in ANY color and when you find out what the baby is you can make it more boyish or girlish with the final details. :thumbsup:

Make it fun. I like turquoise, orange, lime green and lemon yellow. Really vibrant. I just made a little hat with those colors (plus a little raspberry pink) for my niece who’s three. Bright is good!

I’ve often knit blankets and sweaters for friends’ babies before we knew what they were having. I don’t care for the pastel yellow and mint green that they used to say were “unisex” (in my opinion, that combo was just “uniugly.”) Instead, I like to use purples, navy, bright French blue, white, bright yellows and bold greens, and jewel tones like turquoise and magenta. These will truly work for any baby. If you prefer softer tones, creams, taupes, and camel are great. I defintely don’t limit myself to the yarns in the “baby” section … in fact, those are the only ones I avoid.

As for patterns, plain is best. You can always add a bow or knit flowers on it later. I love to do the Log Cabin blankets from Mason-Dixon Knitting (especially the “blankie of many colors.”) My favorite jacket to knit is EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket. There’ve been a couple of threads about that one on here recently. You can use so many wonderful colors, or a self-striping yarn. Matching hats, booties or socks would be cute, too!