What to knit next?

OK in a mad money dilema here. We did our taxes and are getting some money back. Curtis bought himself a scope for one of his rifles.

So now I have the same amount to spend on something for me. WELL should I knit myself some lingerie from www.whiteliesdesigns.com/patterns/llingerie.html OR another pullover from www.knittingpureandsimple.com/page2.html

What to do! I really want to try the lingerie since our 8th anniversary is coming up in March and linen/lace is the modern gift to give.

What do you guys think? ok off to get ready for work.

There’s two different ends of the spectrum - something that doesnt cover much or a big sweater pullover :teehee: I like them both - I’m sure you’re husband would like the first choice but its what you want most. I just finished my big project of a baby blanket so I’m deciding what to do myself! Good luck deciding and let us know which one you decide on - and post pictures.

That’s some pretty lingerie! Some of the sweaters are nice, too. Good luck with THAT decision! LOL

haha I never thought of the two different spectrums!

I’m really leaning towards the Alene Camisole, because I’m pretty busty and that goes up to 50 “, I’m around 42” to 44" inches.

Will continue thinking about this…

They had that lingerie on Knitty Gritty the other day. It was a repeat but I had never seen it. Really n ice stuff! You should go for the lingerie!! It would be awesome for your anniversary! :heart: :happydance:

I wanted to add that since it was on the show they have the pattern on the DIY site! Don’t pay for it!! Alene Camisole

The lingerie looks like a blast to knit, but I wonder how fun it would really be to wear. And not to be too graphic, but if you use it for its intended purpose, the clean up… ok, I’ve said too much. Plus, to show it off you also have to show off your um assets, so that kinda limits who will be able to appreciate your efforts. And if you are like me, you love being a pain and making everyone and their dog admire your FOs.

I would say do something else for your anniversary and knit something you can wear the heck out of. In public.

I say go for the lingerie. I love White Lies Designs and want to make something for me some day. It’s so much more fun and interesting. Everybody and their momma knits sweaters (me, too), and they’re fun and I’m sure you’ll do 700 more before you die (can you tell I’m prone to exaggeration?), but knitted lingerie? So much more special. And as for cleaning it, that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me. As long as the yarn will stand up to a bit of handwashing, it’s cleanable and doable. And in the end probably easier to wash than a heavy hand-wash sweater.

I seen that the Alene cami was on Knitty Gritty but it doesn’t include the boy short underwear. And it was also suggested that the cami could be worn with pants. THat is a big incentive to lose some weight.

I believe the yarn is cotton and should be easy clean up.

With my big boobies, it’s hard to find anything that is big enough. I will most likly do the lingerie. On another board I post at they say go with the lingerie as well. Since we are “trying” to have a baby this would be better.

Oh this is going to be fun haha can’t wait. Plus Curtis has been wanting me to get some lingerie so making it myself is even better! There are some coworkers that may be interested as well.

:cheering: Today I got my kit from www.whiteliesdesigns.com… so I am about to put on the needles my Aleene Cami :cheering:

OH and I am going to do a pullover as well. Someone paid me to make them a cardi and I just got the cheque! :cheering: