What to knit if I'm new at knitting?

Hi, I’m new at knitting and have been learning from this page and other youtube videos.

My first project was a garter stitch scarf for my boyfriend. I’m still wanting to do something new and don’t know where to start. I’ve sort of learnt the basic ribbing and stocking stitches but I’m not very good with increases and decreases. What should I do as my next project?

You could just do a sampler of that includes increases and decreases. Look at those pages and it shows one with the different ones put together.

You could do a hat, there’s many that are knit on straight needles. Some begin with ribbing, increase some stitches, do the body of it, then you decrease for the top.

I’m also new to knitting and plan to do a couple of hot pads (trivets) to work on increase/decrease (going from corner to corner), tension, all the basics. Some patterns/sources also refer to them as “pot holders,” but I’m hard pressed to understand how one would hold a pot handle with some of them…trivets, yes.


Hi. I’ve only been knittig for 18 months and still stick to the keep it simple rule - ie as many straight lines as possible! I can heartily recommend baby hats (a rectangle folded over and stitched up one side and along the top) and mobile phone covers (similar story but I did have to learn how to do a button loop). I’ve also been doing knitted necklaces - these are incredibly straightforward but look good too. I’ve found the best sources of help and inspiration are those you’ve already mentioned here, as well as ‘how to knit’ books aimed at children (I’ve borrowed two from my daughter!!!).
Good luck and keep us posted.
www.facebook.com/MosaicTree - lots of photos on here which may give you some ideas.

There are lots of things like small blankets or throws that won’t require shaping. If you want to learn one new thing with each project, there’s a video for knitting a hat on straight needles and even more adventurous, one for knitting a hat in the round. They both go step by step and in the case of the hat in the round, refer you to other videos for more on techniques. Good luck with whatever you choose and enjoy!

Not to hijack someone else’s thread, but “one new thing with each project” is exactly what I’m aiming at.

This is my…second month of full-on knitting. (See “Has anyone changed from English to Continental?” for full story.)