What to knit for hot climates

Winter weather is scarce here, so we don’t get to use sweaters and scarves very much each year.

So, what to knit? I’ve got hooked! Now what do I do? I hate to make things that never get shown off…


P.S. I don’t want to felt–not this year anyhow.
Thanks, Rose

Shawl? Here are lots of shawls listed by yardage

Lighter weight tops and tanks, cardigans that would work as a jacket, I’m sure it cools off at night.

Bags, bags, BAGS - you can be as creative or simple or over the top as you like, they are such fun to try
Dishcloths - I never really got why people knit them, but they are nice to try out different stitches
Pillows, afghans, knee rugs - use up all your bits and pieces and they are so useful (specially for picnics and in the car)
Toys for kids and toys for cat kids - nice and small and quick
Novelty items for fun - boobs, intestines, brains, w*lly warmers (only limited by your tolerance of the ick factor!)
Cup holders, water bottle holders, potholders, hair accessories (think clapotis)
Start Christmas knitting for others in colder climates
Oh, the list is endless … trust me, I live in the Arabian desert - middle of winter now and the temp is never lower than 25 C. But I knit constantly!!:knitting:
lotsa love, lulu

How about tank tops and tees knit with cotton or cotton blend yarn? Face cloths (dishcloths), towels, lightweight cardis, felted household items - bowls, hot plates, pot holders, coasters …

Thank you! You have set my imagination to work… Now I need to find where to buy cotton yarn. Meanwhile, I think I’ll try a bag and I’ve been thinking about a pillow…

First I’ll finish the slipper and shawl I’ve got going.

This sure is addictive–I didn’t know what I was getting into with that innocent looking “I Taught Myself Knitting” kit. :teehee:

Rose :knitting:

How about socks? Placemats, table runners and coasters? Toys maybe?:shrug: I know there are lots of toy (stuffed animal) patterns for crochet. I’m a new knitter so not sure about knit toys…but maybe worth a look into it.

It might be fun to play with felting too.
Felt some bags, rugs, or oven mitts/pads.

You can always think objects instead of garments too. It might be fun to knit stuffed animals or clothing for them.

I shy from toys fearing they are too complicated–too much to keep track of… Maybe I’m just too new.

And felting–my current impression is that you knit something big then purposely shrink it to something where you can’t even tell it was knitted. I suppose this could be fun, but I like to really see all I did. And expense is an issue.

I will be moving this year to Mexico, and while I’ll be going to a huge city, I have never looked for yarn there. Most of the women embroider and knit or crochet lace doilies and tablecloths with something more like string. One of their favorite patterns is of a pineapple.

You can knit sleeveless shells, purses, things for the house (pillows are great), and of course socks! I am currently knitting Christmas stockings.

I live in a warm climate (mild winters, scorching summers). This is one of many reasons I like to knit for charities. I can enjoy knitting things like hats and scarves and know that they will be used.

there are some realy nice patterns for sleevless tops around, and lightweight cardigans or wraps are good too, for wrapping over a cami at night or when its to warm for a coat but to cold to go bare armed.
look into diferent weights of yarn and different fibres too. i dont know a whole lot about it, but i imagine that cottons, linens and silks etc are going to be cooler than pure wools. hae a look at the spring edditions of knitting magazines 9online or in print, as they are normally gearing up for hot weather and summer, and have some lovely versatile garments.

but has been mentioned a lot of the small items like socks, toys novelities etc are great all year round items.