What to knit for friend's baby?

She had a little girl in august 07,this one’s a boy due in december so…what should I knit?I want something quick and simple since I’m giving her a gift card too:thumbsup:
eta:I haven’t learned to knit in the round yet OR use dpn’s

I like the traditional blanket, since it can be used for a long time. And depending on style, yarn weight, or type of yarn (wool, acrylic, etc.) it can be draped over the stroller canopy to block out sunlight, put down on the floor for playing, etc.

These are simple little booties that are made
using straight needles.
And this sitehas many baby patterns in general including some cute baby washcloths.
Hope these give you some ideas!

Bibs! you can’t go wrong with bibs, babies always need lots! I really like this pattern --> http://nekkidknitter.blogspot.com/2007/03/catching-up.html

It’s really easy and fast :yay: There are lots of other simple bib patterns out there too.

Since you’re giving a GC I say something simple like bibs or booties is a great idea.

Booties and bibs on this link -



Two needle booties

Lou Hoover Blanket
it is soft and puffy for the baby to lay on in warm months
and uber warm in colder months
I make mine with a seed stitch edge, and it will give you a new skill
and not a hard one


Booties would make a perfect gift and are a perfect chance to learn to knit in the round. It really is easy. I do them using magic loop.

I knit my cousin a bunch of washcloths for her baby, she really loved them and they were quick 'n easy! :slight_smile:

I’m going to be different as say knit some toys. I used acrylic to make Sheldon the turtle.

Oh! This little Blanket Buddy is cute, too!