What to knit a male cancer patient?

Hi all,
I have a male friend who found a lymphatic tumor in his chest, and is terrified that it could be cancerous. They’re doing the neccessary tests, but as of yesterday when I last spoke to him, he wasn’t sure. I’m really hoping it’s not cancerous. He’s only 24, and shouldn’t have to go through this…

BUT, if he does have to I want to knit him something to help get him through it. I know of people knitting shawls and chemo caps for women, but what would a guy want? Are there any patterns or ideas for a male shawl? Would a guy appreciate one? Would he want a chemo cap?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks all. :heart:

I hope your friend is okay!

Guys can use chemo caps, too. They keep a bald head covered and warm. A shawl is probably too feminine, but a small lap blanket (lapghan) might be nice.

I can’t imagine him wanting a shawl, but a cap in nice masculine colors would be good.

A lap robe, or just a afghan would be great… just remember not to heavy in weight… it’s amazing how hard it is for some cancer patients to lift some blankets

Or some felted houseslippers…

TheHalfdome hat from Knitty would be perfect.

PS: I’m sorry your friend is going through such a trying time in his young life. Let us hope for the best, and that your friend won’t need the hats.

How about something whacky like a personalized toy bear or something to suit his personality?

or a coffee cup holder or soap jacket to make it easier for him to hold things if he needs treatment?

I think a lapgan or a novelty item (like a wacky teddy bear) would be a good idea. I don’t know many men who want shawls but I’ve known several who found the lapgan especially useful.

[color=blue]It seemed that my friend always had cold feet… so maybe socks?
Will think positive thoughts for your friend.

anne [/color]

I know I’m going against the grain here but I would still go with a prayer shawl. There is something really great about wearing something that one or more people have knit while praying for you. Keep in mind that he probably would not be wearing it out and around but would wear it while out in a chair in his room or sitting up in bed to keep the chill off. I have a friend who has knit these shawls for men and he tells me thery were gratefully used and that the wearers were comforted. :shrug:

Yes, prayer shawl sounds beautiful, but if you just make a square more like a small afghan then it can be folded, triangular, to turn into a shawl or put over the front of you.

And slippers or socks. Big comfortable socks, real soft.

So sorry to hear about your friends discovery. May God be with him.

Wow, there are so many great ideas! Thank you all for your ideas and support. I haven’t heard any updates from him, so I’m still praying that it’s benign.

:hug: :hug: I’m so sorry for you and your friend. I hope it’s not cancer. My DH has cancer and it’s such an insidious decease. I’ll keep you and your friend in my thoughts. :hug: :grphug: :pray:

I made my DH an afghan for use during both radiation and chemo treatments, but men use chemocaps too. Felted clogs may also be nice. I think your friend would appreciate anything you make for him.

   :muah:  :hug:  

Nadja xxx

Best wishes to your friend! One of my closest friends was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease this past fall - things are going as well with her as could be hoped (the chemo is working), so be aware that even if in your friend’s case it’s not benign, there are still huge amounts of reasons to be positive and hopeful. :hug:

I made my friend a hat out of silk yarn, and it’s incredibly soft and cozy - maybe something like that would work?

Sorry to hear that Nadja. May God be with him and give you both support. love and prayers… Vic :heart:

i second the suggestion of socks – when my grandmother was ill, her extremities were always so cold.

and perhaps a pair of matching mittens, too – something ultra soft and easy to slip on and off. :hug:

May I suggest something~ :shrug:
i spoke with my coworker last week after she received her hat from me. She was so appreciative. she said something that go to me thinking… she said she would wear the hat and then would wrap her neck in a long scarf so she could stay warm. So… her next gift from me will probably be a nice long, soft scarf. and it makes sense b/c heat travels out of your body form the head and your body’s thermostat is on the back of the neck…
NOW that being said~~

I have seen a pattern online for a scarf hoodie. It could be used as a scarf and lay the hoodie flat or wrap the neck in the scarf and cover with the hoodie. BTW hoodies are very gender neutral I think…

I BELIEVE I SAW IT IN KNITTY OR INTERWEARVE~~! I am sorry I can’t post a link my memory is for squat~!! :oops:

but hugs to all of you and keep us posted on how it goes

I am a cancer patient also. I love any kind of soft Afghan or blanket. I lay down on the couch or bed a lot as i get so tired. Instead of pulling back the covers on the bed i grab my afghan or blanket. I really depend on these to keep me warm.

It may silly but i feel safe with them around me. I guess like a little kid and their security blanket.

While i am in the hosptial getting my chemo drip i see almost every patient with a blanket covering them.

I pray for a cure for cancer. I do not think there will be one in my life time but i hope in my Grandchildrens there will be. :cheering: