What to do?!?!?!?

I saw a design for an afghan that I LOVED!!! So, I tried out the pattern but according to the directions, it doesn’t look anything like the picture at all!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a nice design…just not the one I wanted to end up with. I wanted it to look like the picture. How can I find out how to contact the author? Or where can I look to find out about pattern corrections?

This is soooooooo frustrating!!!:tap:

Thanks! knitcindy

What’s the pattern? We need to know that first to look for corrections or the designer name. If you can link to it, or a picture, plus a picture of what yours looks like, maybe we can help you out.

Oh my, knit Cindy you are at the right place for help. If the Mod Squad can help me they can help anyone. Just give at least a name of the pattern stitch and I’ll bet you’ll get 20 replies. Most afghans are done in a repetitive pattern stitch with possible short stitch divisions between patterns which create panels. When you figure out the pattern stitch it’ll be a piece of cake. Good luck. Jean

The afghan is called “The Woven Afghan” from a book called “Big Needle Knitting” by Bobbie Matela. I got the book through Interlibrary Loan and I typed out the instructions for this afghan. Now that I’ve returned the book and tried the pattern, I’ve realized that the instructions don’t match the picture in the book.

Thanks for your help!!!

I guess you request the book again. I photocopy the patterns, you can do that right in the library. It may be there’s a typo or you have the wrong page or missed a row or three. With a machine copy there’s you don’t overlook something.

Thanks suzeeq!

I guess it does come down to that, doesn’t it? (re-ordering the book) I remember when I first read the pattern thru, thinking “This doesn’t sound right”. But I thought that the pattern people must know what they’re talking about, so I’ll do what they say.

I might be back here once I get the book again!

Thanks, knitcindy

Yes, take a look through it when you get it. I’ve seen pattern books or booklets where there’s a different pattern next to a picture of something else. Or this one could be totally messed up.

Hi Cindy, I have the book ! I can see where you would think the pattern is off on rows 9 & 10 where you knit then purl across … that is what gives the knit stitch “rectangle” the little “valley” between the rows.
Did you knit all 16 rows or maybe 32 rows to see the pattern repeat ? I would try a swatch with 25 sts. Also, if your gauge is off, it can change the look of the pattern a bit. ( the side edges will also have the ss stiches in them. not just a knit 3 edge)
Is this the pattern you typed :
after seed stitch bottom edge … woven blanket pattern:
row 1 (rs) knit
row 2 purl
row 3 K3, *p7,k5, rep from * to last 10 sts, p7, k3
row 4 p3, *k7,p5,rep from * to last 10 sts, k7, p3
row 5-8 repeat 1-4
9 is knit, 10 is purl
11 & 12 are start with P4 and K4
then 13-16 repeat 9-12
rows 1-16 = one pattern repeat

Hope this helps, it is a really comfy looking afghan !!

WOW Debbie!!! I really messed up my typing!
That’ll teach me to ALWAYS make copies of what I want!!!
I originally thought that the repeat was for only Rows 3 & 4, not Rows 1-4.(same thing in the next section) So when I did the repeats I ended up with what looked like a checkerboard across the whole thing!!! No wonder I couldn’t figure out what I’d done wrong.

Note to self – Check and RE-CHECK what you’ve typed before the book is returned to the library.
Note to self #2 – ALWAYS make copies of patterns I want. Don’t even bother with typing!

Thanks again Debbie!

Thanks AGAIN Debbie!!! :muah:

I am going to get started on this “new” pattern and will let you know how it turns out! I found my original typed/saved directions on Microsoft Word and changed them to match what you typed here! I knit lap robes for the residents at a local nursing home and I thought this pattern would make a nice one.

Thanks for saving me the $$ to re-order the book from the library!!!


You were missing the “ditches” and that is what really makes the pattern !!! So glad I had the book, let me know if you need anything else! Be sure to post a pix when you are have a FO !