What to do with yarn ends?

This is a basic question for any pattern, maybe more of an issue with a pattern that switches colors often like this one http://www.therunningyarn.com/2008/03/punk-rock-corset-gloves.html

When you have already BO your pattern or you switch colors a lot like the above pattern, how do you keep your yarn ends from appearing? I attempted the above pattern and I had a huge problem with the yarn ends popping up all over the place. I would weave the ends in yes but they always seemed to unravel and pop back up. I even tied little knots in but that didn’t help. Is there a trick I missed? Am I not weaving the ends in enough? Help please?


This is a good article on end-weaving techniques.

How long are your ends? They should be 3" at least, and sometimes you just have to tuck them in, stretch your work a little and clip off whatever pops out. When it’s unstretched it shouldn’t pop out.

Thank you so much! The article was a huge help :slight_smile: