What to do with the yak wool and rough silk I just bought in Kathmandu?


Just been on a walking holiday in Nepal so couldn’t resisting hunting down some local wool. I bought 4 hanks - more then two pounds - of natural undyed yak wool (right) and two of coarsely spun multicoloured yarn (left) which the shopkeeper assured me was 100% silk. The yak is quite coarse but I think it would make a nice winter jumper, perhaps with a cable pattern. The “silk” is rather outside my comfort zone as I mostly knit with regular wool using vintage patterns. I was thinking maybe a hat or scarf? Any ideas would be welcome!


Gorgeous yarn! I’m sure whatever you choose will be stunning. I like the idea of hats, scarves, maybe a cowl in those luscious colors.


Have you thought about using the pink yarn to add a little color for a sweater out of the yak yarn? It would be very pretty.


Nice idea! The two would complement each other very well I think.