What to do with the short tail of yarn from adding stitches

Hi there

I have just taken up knitting and am teaching myself using google. I am knitting a baby romper…so far so good for a first attempt. Can anyone tell me what to do with the short piece of yarn that is left from the start of picking up a row of stitches? Do I need to tye it off somehow or do I just weave it in like all the others? None of the videos on google explain this. Hope this makes sense! THanks in advance

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Your knitting looks wonderful. Yes, just weave in the end as you would with any other ends.
There are also some great videos on this site that you might look at. See the Free Videos tab above.

Thank you for your reply, I am glad to know it won’t unravel if I don’t tye a knot :grinning: Will definitely take a look at the videos.

Here’s the video for weaving in ends from Amy at KH.

There are plenty of others out there too.