What to do with old magazines

Wondering what to do with some of the knitting magazines I have that I know I won’t use. Any of you subscribe to magazines and just know there are some you won’t be using and don’t want to just throw away? Will libraries take them or anyone have suggestions of where to take them? Clean out time!

If a library would accept them, they’d probably sell them at a friends of the library sale rather than put them into circulation. You could swap them for yarn, needles, books or sell them or give them away.

My local library has a box inside the front door labelled “Free.” We put magazines into the box for others to take home and read. There’s always good turnover in the box.

If your library doesn’t have a “free magazines” box, maybe you could ask the librarian to start one.

Or you could offer the magazines here, in the Destash department. Then, if you get no “bites,” off to the library!


Great suggestions, thanks! I will start going through them and pull the ones I want to keep and start by offering them here and then possibly the library. Time to declutter a little.

Knitters snap these up at my local thrift store. Think about donating them to a place like Goodwill.

I agree! Good idea!

My local library has an area where we can place craft magazines or books. Anyone is welcome to take as many as they wish. When I see something interesting I take it home and make copies of any patterns I think I might want in the future then return the magazines for someone else to use.

You could offer them in the Sale, Trade, Swap Forum.
Someone might take them off your hands for the cost of mailing.
I’ve done that in the past too.

Thanks! I am going to check with the library and we also just had a really big new Good Will open near us so I will take some there also. You do what I am going to do, make copies of the things I might do some day and then take the whole magazines somewhere to be used.

You could try selling some on e-bay as a lot…maybe? I’ve seen a few I would like to buy.

I probably should have offered them on here but I just finally copied what I wanted out them and took them to Good Will.