What to do with eyelash yarn

I have 10 skeins of red eyelash yarn, I find it a little annoying to knit with as its so thin and takes forever to show any progress.
I want to try to use all ten skeins in the same project, or at least in the same set of projects.

Can I mix it with a thicker yarn to bulk it out, whilst still retaining the eyelash-ness of it? Or can anyone think of any other way of using it?

I knit eyelash yarn into all sorts of projects but ALWAYS with another yarn or two. I LOVE using eyelash in scarves. I use size 35 needles and knit eyelash, mohair, and another perhaps acrylic yarn. The different yarns compliment each other.

I’ve used Lion Brand Fun Fur with Lion Brand Homespun with good results. I don’t like either of those yarns alone, but together they made a nice scarf. The Homespun gave it some thickness and weight, while the Fun Fur made it, well, furry and fun!

I’d suggest to knit a few swatches to see if you like the results and to play with different needle sizes. For me, the larger needles seemed to work better for two yarns together. Also, I’ve found it difficult to undo mistakes with the eyelash yarn by itself, but it seems even harder to undo when paired with another yarn - IMHO.

I’m sorry that I can’t think of a project that would use 10 skeins of eyelash yarn. I think I used two for a 60" scarf.

Try these patterns:
Splash - Fizz Scarf
Lion Brand Patterns - Scroll ALL the way down to the bottom of this page until you find the box that says patterns for this yarn. There is a whole list of patterns of fun fur which is an eyelash. Good luck!

This weekend I just made up a bathroom bath mat/rug out of 2 strands of Lion Fun Fur and 2 strands of Lion Fancy Fur using size 17 needles.

It worked up fast (and I’m a beginner). Result was a thick plush rug…very cute too in the bathroom.


What would go well with the gray? Maybe a pink? Or is that too much? Please, no black-I can’t see it!

Thanks for any input!


I hate eyelash yarn too. I posted this same thing around Cristmas time. I ended up working mine into the cuff of a pair of felted clogs but that doesnt’ take much.

i use eyelash yarn held together with sport weight or dk weight

My sister works for a National Dollar Store Chain and they had a very large box of eyelash and fun fur that was to be destroyed. Some of the rolls had lost their label, tangled, etc. Of course she threw it my way! LOL! I untangled what I could (after all it was fun fur, not cashmere!) and ended up with well over 50 balls.

I gave out lots to my knitting group and think I will donate some to a scout troop but am interested in finding any new ideas for fun fur. I really like the idea of the bath mat.

oh I love eyelash yarn heehee maybe you can get the fiber trends huggable hedgehug pattern from your lys on order online. It uses eyelash yarn as fur on the cute little felted creature. I have the pattern on order I cannot wait to get it!

You could make fuzzy steering wheel covers with my pattern!

Too cute! I saw this on Knitty Gritty along with knitted fuzzy dice for the rear view mirror. :teehee: :teehee:

I made my daughter a tube skirt and used a bit of this and a bit of that. One of the yarns I mixed in was some eyelash yarn. It really gave the skirt some excitement. I think it might be fun to to do a whole skirt that way.

Yes, you can mix it in with a heavier contrasting yarn. Without seeing the red, I am guessing here. But you could mix in some sparkle gold or sparkly silver. Kind of depends on the coloring of the person you are making it for.

The cool thing about tube skirts, you can make up your own stitch pattern. The only must do is at the top and bottom. Do something at the bottom or top so it’s does not roll up. I did a k4, p4 or k3, p3 for several rows so it hugs a bit and does not roll up. Or you could do alternate knit and purl rows (assuming you are doing circular needles). For the rest of the pattern, you don’t need to decrease or increase the stitches. Make up your own pattern or vary it as you go. I am doing another for her friend and am sticking to a straight

Here’s the link.I posted it as a FO.

I can’t recall where I saw it, but I’m planning on making some cute little pillows out of eyelash yarn. You just need either a pillow form or stuffing and then up 2 squares with the eyelash yarn and sew them up the sides.

I posted a quick and easy pattern using Fun Fur on my blog to make a boa scarf:

It uses 2 balls of Fun Fun fur and makes a great scarf. It’s pretty sturdy by itself. I’ve used this for gifts for little girls and my mother asked me for one to dress up one of her winter coats. I really don’t mind working with it so I definitely watch for it to go on sale.

I’ve used fun fur for edgings on hats. it really dresses them up. It’s easier to crochet it onto the edge. Doesn’t take any fancy stitches, just singles around the edge with a fairly large hook (K or L).

You can also dress up a pair of flip flops with fun fur. There are several patterns around the web, some knit, some crochet. One vendor at a craft show just WRAPS the fun fur around the straps.

I’ve seen that pattern too. Mine’s a different design actually, because it is stitched to the steering wheel when it’s complete.

Actually, I didn’t even know that a pattern existed for a furry steering wheel when I made mine! After I found it, I laughed and said, “Figures that someone else already made one.”