What to do with exquisite yarn? help!pic of yarn

I just recieved my beautiful 100% silk handpainted laceweight yarn from a buddy from this forum,:yay: but now I have no idea what to do with it! It has to be something absolutely gorgeous, but the colorway is variegated blues.
I went through my lace patterns and cannot find anything worthy :notworthy:Does anyone have any ideas? there are 1100 yards, so maybe a scrumptous shawl? I’ll keep looking but this yarn is so amazing I don’t want to have to frog too much once I start! Honestly, I have never felt more amazing yarn!

:??:psst: That’s odd. I can’t find the picture of this amazing yarn.:shrug:

Ingrid’s right. a picture would help. :wink:
i’ve actually been looking at a lot of lace patterns lately.
is it something that the wonderful KHer (like there’s any other kind :teehee:) made herself, or does it have a name? (i’m asking because it sounds like exactly what i’m looking for.)

of course a pic always helps, i was just lazy,:shrug:
here is the gorgeous exquisite yarn…

very nice dark to light blues, every bit as shiny as the photo.
Help! It needs to tell me what it wants to be but I don’t think I have the language to translate!

how much of it do you want to use?
do you just want one large something, or a few smaller somethings, or does it matter?
gorgeous, btw!

i have been contemplating this stole for a while - i think the pattern is pretty stinking cool…

I’m not really sure how much I want to use, probably all of it? I thought a nice big stole that would wrap around a few times, kinda like a pashmina? The colors would look great with a black outfit…

How about Eunny’s Print of the Waves Stole?

There’s also the Swallowtail Shawl in Interweave Knits Fall 2006. I cast on for it a couple days ago, and it’s really pretty and easy.

I think I found the perfect one:
What do you think?