What to do with approx. 40 yds of chunkyish wool?

ok, so I made my first yarn! I don’t have a picture small enough to post here but you can see if it you want here

Since I opted for plying it, it only amounts to around 40 yards… I could buy more of the roving this Saturday, but highly doubt I will be able to re-create this since it’s my first hank and all… Any ideas for anything I can do with it? It’s chunky to bulky I guess, probably a 10 needle or so.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

What about this? http://www.heartstringsfiberarts.com/minisweater.shtm

Yours would be bigger, but thats not a big deal, maybe it would fit a small teddy or doll for a little kid. just an idea.

jberry, that is an AMAZING idea!!! i’ve been wanting to get mom a build-a-bear and her birthday is coming up… i think it would be kinda special if the build a bear was wearing a sweater (or maybe even a vest) that i made with my very first yarn! thanks a bunch!!!

Ooooh! :heart: I [color=darkblue]love[/color] the color of your yarn! And it would go so nicely on a teddy bear too!

I actually gasped when I saw the color if that!

Reminds me of sapphires!

:flirt: Beautiful yarn!!! :heart: :heart:

I love the idea of a handknit sweater from handmade yarn for a teddy bear. :slight_smile:

you guys are so sweet!!! i wish i could take credit for the color, it’s one of ashland bays rovings… i don’t remember the name of the color. :frowning: something blue! i’ll get back to you on that. my instructor did say i did a good job of not getting the colors muddied together, to which i replied, ‘how nice are you for thinking i did that on purpose!’ :wink: thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

Maybe it was [color=darkblue]blueberry[/color]:



awesome link, thanks!!! it is colonial multi blue

Wow! I skipped over that colorway because your yarn seems so much more intensely colored than that roving. I’d thought maybe you’d mixed 2 rovings to get the other flecks of color into it.

I’ve already been infected with the sock-knitting virus… I wonder how long it’ll take before I’m also infected with the yarn-spinning virus? aaah… aaah… achoo! :achoo: Uh oh, too late!


i know, it really is amazing what yarn comes from the roving, totally different than what you’d expect by looking at it, i’ve definitely noticed that trend.