What to do with 40% off at Joann's?

I have a coupon for 40% off a single item at Joann’s, that expires this weekend. What should I get?

I’ve been wanting to order a set of KP Options, should I just buy a set of Boyes or whatever at Joann’s instead? I’m not loving this idea, I think I like the reputation and customer service that comes with the Options, KWIM?

So if you could buy anything for 40% off, what would you get? TIA!!!

psst - it’s 50% today.
I was thinking about a blocking board (because I am lazy and there are no art supply stores near me really, don’t drive, etc.), but it seems like that site always puts everything I want on sale before they offer those coupons, and then you can’t use the coupons on those items right?
verrrrry sneaky…


  • Ball winder.
  • Bag to carry your knitting.
  • Blocking board.
  • Knitting book

That’s all I can th ink of before coffee…thud

Does anyone have any links to good examples of blocking boards from JoAnns? I tried searching the website last time they had a coupon but I couldn’t find anything good. I must not be hitting the right terms.

Thank you!

You MUST hold out for the Options! They are HEAVEN!

I got the Boyes on an impulse because I couldn’t find the right size needle for a project that I wanted to start right away, and then I did the research and bought the Options, and I must say that I’ve hardly picked up the Boye’s since. I’d get a ball winder or swift from Joann if you don’t have one already.

OKAY OKAY OKAY~!! Where can I find this 50% off coupon…?

Secondly for those of you in the know~ Do you need a ball winder AND a swift or Do you need a ball winder OR a swift~!

Which one do I need b/c I have hanks of yarn that still need wound( if you read my post last w/e about going to LYS and them refusing to wind it for me… SOOOO Which one do I need more~!!
:hug: Ainee

I believe what you do is put the hank of yarn on the swift so it doesn’t get tangled, and then use the ball winder to wind it from the swift-- so they’re used in tandem.

If you were only gonna get one, I’d go with the swift. Then your hanks of yarn stay untangled without taking up someone’s hands, knees, or back of a chair. And you can just wind it into a ball with your hands, or the end of a paper towel insert.

Obviously it’s personal preference, but my preference would be to get the ball winder first. Sometimes I rewind a skein if I’ve made a mess of it trying to find the center pull, I’ll wind the yarn directly from my work if I’m really frogging something (much to my husband’s horror), or if I only use half a skein, I’ll rewind the rest into a tight small ball rather than a bigger loose ball so it doesn’t fall apart in my stash. So there are more uses for the winder than just winding a hank, but you pretty much only need the swift if you have a hank, and you can always get someone to hold the yarn for you if you don’t have one. But perhaps I just have too much fun with the ball winder.

Too true about personal preference. I live alone so I don’t have anyone to hold hanks for me and I have to contort myself in strange ways to wind from a hank resting over my knees–so I’d probably get the swift first. Plus, I have a strange love for the repetitive action of winding something into a ball. It’s almost as fun as rolling coins. (Told ya I was strange!)

you can get the coupon by going to their website…there is a coupon code there I think…I got it via email b/c I registered my email address with them…

Well, I don’t know what you’re going to do with your 40% coupon, but I got the 50% coupon and bought both the swift and the yarn winder. After spending two days trying to wind a skein of sock yarn that collapsed on me, I figure this was a pretty good deal.

I’M SO EXCITED!! :happydance: :happydance: :cheering: :cheering:

How much was it Cheesiesmom??? :?? :??

The swift was $59 less 50% and the winder was on sale for $30. So $60 for both plus shipping.

i used my coupon to buy a ball winder a few weeks ago. it was a great deal and its soo much fun to use! :cheering:

DEFINATELY a ball winder and swift.

I might be able to afford one if I would stop buiyng yarn on e-bay :oops:

gahhhh I got tempted but I was slapped back into reality when I saw the shipping and tax rate.

I still got it though :pout: after all came out to pretty much the price of one swift :happydance:

I think I might have to buy a swift while I’ve got the chance to get it cheap…I have the winder already, but after having three hanks collapse into tangles once I got near the end, I really want the swift.

Does anyone know if one swift is better than the other? (Joann has two online.)

I went thru the customer reviews on line at Joann’s. Both seemed to be buyer satisfactory. I figured for $30 it isn’t going to be a once in a lifetime investment anyway.

I saw how the swift works at they LYS but do you have to bolt or secure the winder and swift down permanently to use them…or can you pack them up when not in use?? i live in a small space so this is important to me~!! :??