What to blend w/ alpaca

I have a fleece from our baby, and I’m trying to figure out what to blend with it so that I can spin it into yarn.

Staple length is 1-1.5" and its probably under 18 microns.

I cannot tolerate any sheep/goat fibers, so that’s out. I itch for hours, even from cashmere or merino.

Was thinking silk, bamboo or camel down. I’ve heard that there shouldn’t be too much of a difference in staple length.

Hiya Sayadina,
You could just card it (don’t have to be picture perfect rolags) into clouds and spin it like you would yak or buffalo or camel down. Those are all short fibres and are best spun long draw or woolen from a cloud. You could blend it with the silk or other fibres but silk is a much longer staple than what you have. I just got done spinning some suffolk fleece that was VERY short and I made tight little rolags with my hand cards (they resembled punis) and just did it that way. No blending.
If you are trying to stay in the same neighborhood staplewise then go with the camel.

Personally I haven’t blended Alpaca with other stuff as its beautiful on its own and very warm. I have blended wool with Alpaca though to make it go further or to enhance the wool.

Odd how we each see the different fibers …

I add alpaca to wool to enhance the alpaca!

I have jsut spun my 1st ever fleece and it is baby Alpaca (Cria) and silk. It has been carded but the lady who taught me normally just combs her fleece. It is lovely buthten again I can’t relaly compare.