What sock needles do you recommend?

I’ve been on a sock kick since I learned a few months ago - I’m on my 4th pair. I’m having a problem finding needles I like though. I originally got the Brittany’s (Size 2) the shorter ones. I worked fine on them but the ends are so short, they would poke me in the edge of my hands and I’m just wierd about things - it was driving nuts every time I’d feel that edge along my hand :shock:

So I went and got some Bamboo ones that are longer. The lenght are perfect but they seem to bow-in or something. They dont seem sturdy. I get along fine with them but its just not secure feeling.

My yarn store I go to has another set of Brittany’s that are longer than the bamboo but I dont want the long needles, but the owner said she didnt recommend them because as long as they are, they would definately bend a little.

What needles do you use for socks? I’m willing to buy some online so any links anyone has would be great.

Thanks! Happy Knitting! :XX:

Well…you could try metal ones…they wouldn’t bend or break, but I find them to be too slippery. It’s weird that the bamboo ones you have bend. The bamboo ones I use are really strong. There are also needles made out of different types of wood and they are some plastic ones by bryspun that I have tried (not my favorite). Have you thought about using the magic loop method for socks? It is fun and you can use any type material needles you like without worrying about the stitches slipping off.

For dpns, I love the 6in. Inox dpns, my very fave :thumbsup:

Kemp, the bamboo ones you were talking about - are they the ones you carry in your shop? I bought one of the stretchy needles from your shop last week, but I’m going to need dpns when I decrease for the toe and I don’t have any in size 2.

yes…the bamboo ones in the store are the ones that I use and think are very strong.

If you already have a regular #2 circular, you could use 2 circs when you get to the decreases instead of DPN’s if you wanted to. Amy has a video on it…I’ve done it before and it’s pretty easy.

I love Susan Bates Quicksilver DPNs!


They’re especially great for socks, since the coating creates a small amount of “drag” (more than on regular aluminum or those slick Addi Turbos, less than on wood, resin, or plastic). They’re 7" long, sold in packs of four (buy two packs if you need five needles and you’ll have extras; their reasonable price permits this!). And they don’t bend!

These needles are hard to find in yarn shops in sizes below 4, so I suggest checking out Joann’s.

Promotion code “JUNE650” will give you 50% off any one item through June 17.

my favorite sock needles are my Plymouth Bamboo dpn’s, but I unfortunately only have them in one size (US2) They are very strong and very smooth (no warping or bending). My second favorite sock needles are the sock nedle set from Susan Bates. It’s a set (4 sizes) of aluminum needles, sized 000, 00, 0 and 1. I also have some clover bamboo dpn’s, they are strong(haven’t snapped one yet, and I get pretty rough tugging on my yarn sometimes), but they do bend and warp over time, and they just aren’t as smooth as my plymouth dpn’s.

The bamboo ones I have are the Clover.

Thanks for the links fellow knitters - I’m definately going to try both - the alumninum AND the Quick Silvers - I am a fan of the Quick Silver circulars anyways so I’ll try the DP.

I’m too afraid the try the circular needles with socks - one day, I’ll be brave enough to try it.

I knit socks on 2 circs… :heart: my 16" Addis… :smiley:

I just learned today that you can do this, after my painful completion of a 5-needle sock project :crying:

I was going to suggest 2 circs…I used size US2 Addis 24" for two-at-a-time sock knittin. I used that same site to learn how to do the two-circs method.
If I’m making one at a time, I like Addi’s bamboo US2 6".

I have Clover needles in size 2, regular, not double point and they bow as well. They must just be a lower grade bamboo. Even my size 3s are bowed. I kept waiting for them to break/crack while making booties! :doh:

I use 2 16" addis for my sock knitting. LOVE them! :heart:

Darn it! I bought the aluminum needles online and then it hit me last night - those say 2 mm - which is different US size - Great! I’ll just have to think of something to make with them - right? :thinking:

don’t fret- a 2mm needle is a US size 0. Which is my favorite size to use on socks :smiley: .