What size?

I wanted to make a simple beanie for the 2 year old son of my friend and wanted it to be a surprise. He turned 2 in September, is there any generic sizing that anyone knows of? The hat will be very stretchy but if it is best that I find a way to measure him than I will.

Most patterns for hats just give sizes like 0-3 mos, 2-4, etc. Since they are stretchy just following one that’s for his age range should be fine. Here’s a few links to check out.

Here’s a basic hat formula type pattern. And here’s a chart for head sizes.

[COLOR=Blue][B]Sue, you continue to amaze me! [/B][/COLOR]

You’re a FOUNTAIN of information! I wanna grow up to be just like you! Only thing…the meter is running! :teehee: I better hurry!

Thanks for the links from me, too!!!

And I’m working on the laptop without my links… :wink:

The one for the hat was posted the other day, so I still had the link in my history; the head sizes chart is part of the craft yarn council of america site and they have other size charts too.

I linked to a head sizes, too. :teehee: I’ve started a folder that has helpful links so I can get to them easy for KH. :thumbsup:

I made a golf-club sock … that fit my 3-year-old nephew’s head perfectly! :teehee: K1 P1 ribbing, tie one end together, that was it.

He loves it! :yay: