What size circulars to buy?

I am planning a purchase on ebay of bamboo circular needles. I will be purchasing a complete set of 14 sizes. I can’t afford more than one set, so I’m trying to decide the best length to purchase. Should I get 16" or 24"?

It kind of depends on what you want to knit with them, but I would probably get the 24" ones. 16" are good for collars on sweaters, sleeves, hats and small stuff that you knit in the round, but not so much for knitting back and forth, unless you are making a fairly skinny scarf or something like that.

I’m not 100% sure, but i heard people saying that they knit hats w/ 16" a lot… that’s all i can say

personally, i think 24" is for general knitting… not sure though

24" are more versatile, you can knit flat with them, 16" are too short for that. You can make sweaters on 24", and also a hat if it’s a beret with a larger number of stitches than a stocking hat or beanie. You have to start out with a variation of magic loop, but after the increases it fits comfortably, then you can use ML when you dec.

Using Magic Loop longer neeedles can be used to knit very small circular item. So if I were given a choice between only two lengths of needles I would tend to go for the longer needles. Unless I have a specific project in mind.
If knitting flat with circular needles you can knit a project longer than 16 inches on 16 inch needles by packing stitches on the needle, however, with 24 inch needles the projects would be wider than on 16 inch needles.
Every ones mileage will vary and which needles to use is a very personal choice - have fun,

Looking at the needle length on most 16" it would be more difficult to knit a flat item, even a scarf because the needles may be longer than the cord. They’re better suited for circular knitting.

I personally have this set They are cheap and have 33 needles in 3 lengths. While they are not wonderful needles they are quiet usable. I found them very useful in deciding what sizes I wanted. That way I could get replacement needles in the sizes and lengths I liked the best, in a better quality.

I think I would go with the 24" too. That’s what I use most when making scarves, dishcloths or other similar items that don’t require a long cord. Of course, that’s why I love my interchangeables - I can just change the cord for whatever length I need.

Even with longer length needles you can knit small circular items if you have two needles of the same size.

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