What should I do with this?

I bought last night 2 balls of GGH Fee. It is a wonderfully soft eyelash yarn with bits of silver in it. Problem…it was expensive so I only bought 2 balls which add up to 166 yds.
Any ideas?

forgot to attach picture

Maybe a long narrow scarf like this:

Or you could use it as an edging on something else. Don’t bother doing anything but garter stitch because the stitches won’t show.

That looks like what I pulled out of the vacuum last night, just without the dust and dirt. Sorry. :oops: It must be a guy thing.

I’ve never understood the [S]unraveled[/S] ‘eyelash’ yarns. :shrug: If you like it, then make something you would enjoy.

Maybe an edging to a sexy little knit.

Collar and cuffs on a jacket or cardigan (especially if they have a hood).

An edge or finish for a Hat and scarf set?

oooh! great ideas, jack!

:oops: I wanted to make up for my knee-[B]jerk[/B] male response to the eyelash yarn. :wink:

Another thought is an amigurumi ball about the size of an orange. Then call it a Tribble.

But be warned! Tribbles do multiply faster than rabbits. :slight_smile:

V, Knit long in prosperity. :cool: [/COLOR]

Thank You, Jack! I have a friend who gave me some yarn like that only I have five (50 grams) skeins for my recent birthday gift. I have racked my brains for ideas and that is a good one. I hoping to use it up all at once. It is really soft and women do like it. It would make excellent tribbles and I know what they are. You might share with the group what they are.

If it doesn’t have much of a guage (carrying yarn?), is there enough that you could work it into parts of felted mittens? Like the cuffs and the part that covers the fingers? Or maybe you have enough to do the whole mitten?

I’m not a big fan of novelty yarns either, but I think the idea of collar and cuffs for a sweater or even a cute little shrug is great.:thumbsup:

You might have enough for a cowl scarf, that could be really cool, sticking out of the top of your jacket just a little.

Or, even more fun, make yourself some fuzzy slippers! Although, I would find some nice wool for the bottoms and felt them, you don’t want to grind that pretty stuff into the floor.

A tea cozy might also work out. You could even add eyes and a mouth and serve your tea with cookies and Cookie Monster!