What should be my first garmet to attempt?

I feel comfortable with garter, stockinette, seed, and a few ribbing patterns. I feel comfortable on circular needles, and have done a small projeck with DP needles in the round…

? Ive only made hats, scarves, mittens, bibs, purses…things of that nature… but lately in the last few projects Ive been having fewer and fewer mistakes, so I feel like I can start a bigger project with confidence…

There use to be an AD floating around the forums that featured a yellowish golden bolaro type sweater… I think it was for silk yarn… but if the guage I use is right, couldnt I use a cheaper yarn? for my first garmet especially? do you think that type of sweater would be too hard? did look to have any button holes, or that kind of thing( although Ive done a type of button hole where you just YO and K2T…

something like this is what I was hoping to do…


I did a shrug, since it’s not as much knitting to overwhelm me(the Shimmer pattern on Knitty.com). Then I found a really basic hooded sweater on lion brand’s website. Now I’m diving into a “real” sweater with some cabling work. Just figured I would let you know how I got started. I’ve just figured-- if I make a mistake or don’t like the pattern, frog it. If I frog it, I get to reuse the yarn and save money yarn hunting for my next project :wink: That helps me to not get frustrated. Maybe I’m just wierd, but it works for me!

Why not do that one? It has a simple cable, but if you don’t feel up to that, skip it and make it in stockinette instead.


I don’t think that sweater looks too hard for you for your first “real” project. My only suggestion is to buy some good yarn. Even though this will be a bigger project, I think you will be happier with it if you use a good yarn. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for it, but it makes a world of difference in the finished project. If you’re going to invest all your time and effort into this, you’ll want to end up with something you’ll actually wear. It seems you’re pretty proficient with your stitches so I think you’re ready for some “grown up” yarn :smiley:

There’s nothing wrong with using Simply Soft. I love it - inexpensive, soft and nice to wear.


My first attempt at a larger project was a tank (it’s under the free patterns it was the choo choo summer shell)… because i’m a sweaty betty & i’m intimidated by sleeves! :wink:

my sister loved the tank… (it didnt fit me)

i agree w/using a nicer yarn… you’ll ENJOY knitting it more, you’ll be that much more aware of what you’re knitting because of what you’re knitting WITH… and your first BIG project should be something you keep & enjoy for EVER

unless you’re me… and it doesnt fit… and you have a sister who’s got a perfect body…hahah… i wouldnt have it any other way

good luck!