What shoes do you wear with your handknit sox?

ok all you sock knitters! i know there’s a bunch of you… what are your favorite shoes to wear with your handknit socks? i am looking for some everyday shoes that will go great with jeans, shorts or even able to be dressed up! right now, i just have running shoes and flip flops. oh, and one lone dusty pair of hiking boots. TIA :muah:

I have the same problem…In the fall I love to drag out my dressy boots but then you can’t see my socks…What I have seen at my LYS is mule/crocs/mary janetype shoe… :shrug:

I LOVE Earth brand shoes. They are awesome. I have a nice slide in the brand and a pair of mules. I do wear socks and sandals (what better way to show off your socks?) and I wear walk away socks with mules. (actually just got a brand new pair for my socks! :lol:)

Ok, now I know I have to try socks, I have these cute little brown flats that I like to wear with jeans and usually just wear ,nylon footies or white socks.

White socks?! What is that?! :rofling:

I wear them with my Birks


mary janes!

i just ordered these! they look great for showing off handknit sox!

I wear them with all of my casual shoes, but I think that maybe I like them the best with clogs. Next pair of socks I make will be the Aran Sandal Socks from Socks, Socks, Socks. It has a cabled heel flap that will really look cool with clogs.


Clogs all the way! Comfy and cute - they show off those cute heels.

Hi jeanie! LOVE :heart: THOSE SHOES you ordered!! Thanks for the link! :muah:

I love those shoes,:drool: Will have to google to see where I might beable to buy them off line. :happydance:

I have some really cute Skechers I wear in the winter - they’re sort of a z-strap Mary Jane. They’ll look great with my hand-knit socks!! :happydancing:

I hav some cute LL bean sneakers that are like clogs, but stitched like sneakers.


here is the brand namesite, and thier find a storepage. i bought mine from zappos.com.

I found a store here in my town that sale that brand, I am going there today to see if they have them.